The American political commentator who was working as the press secretary under president Joe Biden is no longer in the office. Psaki who has served the position for 16 months from 2021 to 2022 left the office on13th May replaced by Jean Pierre, she is not a new name in American politics she has been serving various positions in the White House since 2009. As the position serves as one of the respectful and greatest ones can ever have in their life as she thinks.

So why did Jen Psaki quit? Let’s get into the detail for more answers.

Why did Jen Psaki Leave the White House?

Psaki left one of the highest rank positions in the house this month and left the position along with the responsibility to the newly appointed Karine Jean Pierre. She has been in the position as one of the strong pillars of President Joe Biden’s administration.

Joe Biden is the 46th President of the US and is known for his genderless or women lead the government. And Psaki is one of them who started serving president Biden’s government since his start of the office as press secretary in 2021, so what happened to Jen Psaki? Was Jen Psaki fired?

Psaki had been in the position for 16the months before she quit the office and the reason is not that she was fired or anything. She has given a hint at the beginning of May during a podcast interview with CNN The Axe Files, she told them that there will soon be a time when she has to leave and someone else will have to take the position and responsibility.

So her departure is not a sudden decision but she was already giving it lots of thought and she has also given us an appropriate reason for her departure from the White House.

Jen Psaki has been one of the leading ladies of the White House but apart from her jobs, she is also a mother of two and her reason for leaving her position is her family and her children.

Psaki tied her knot with her long-time lover Gregory Mecher in 2010, whom she met in 2006, and he is also a government official who works as chief advisor serving the congress. The couple has been married for 11 years now and shares two children of age four and six. The 43-year-old politician now wants to spend and give more time to her children and family who are the most important part of her life.

Psaki told Howard Kurtz of Media Buzz about how she had loved her jobs as a US official but she also knew this wasn’t a job she could go to forever and have to leave at some point in time. She told the news host, “It is a huge honor to do it. But I don’t want to miss things with my kids and I don’t want to miss moments or soccer practices or ballet recitals or anything.”

Psaki has worked for the house for 8 years under President Barack Obama’s tenure from 2009 to 2007 as the representative of the democratic political party. During this time she has many respectful official positions like a deputy press secretary, deputy communication director, and spokesperson for US departments of state.

Later after the office was finished she worked for CNN as a political contributor before moving back to the white house in 2021.

Where is Jen Psaki Today?

This month Jen Psaki left her position and announced her new joining to the media team of MSNBC and NBC, where she will be working as a political news host and commentator. Later in the year, we will be seeing her appearing on various MSNBC and NBC programs and news and she will also be having her own exclusive news show next year.

Psaki who is a member of the democratic party has served as a spokesperson in the White House and is known for her quick wit and moderate persona and her ability to explain all types of complicated policy-related matters.

The MSNBC President praised the new joiner of her team and said, “Her extensive experience in the government and on the campaign trail and perspective as a white house and Washington insider is the type of analysis that sets MSNBC apart.”

Psaki is not the only spokesperson and government communicator to have moved to the news media. Still, she is just another person on the list of the popular trend for all previous government communication officials moving to the news media. The former government officials moving to the news media has become a trendy matter and just a few months ago Symone Sanders another communicator joined the MSNBC media house.

Not just them, 42nd president Bill Clinton’s head communicator George Stephanopoulos is now working as a top news host for ABC, and the same goes for Nicolle Wallace another White House commentator who worked for ABC and then moved to MSNBC.