Danny is one of the best-known fugitive criminals who gained wide attention from the public during his escape on 12 May 1992 from Florence state prison. He was even given various names from folk tale hero Robin Hood to real-life Rambo as he escaped the high security guarded cell and was able to survive from the team of 400 police force in the wilderness of Arizona forest for about two months.

Horning is not someone to be taken lightly, he has first-degree murder charges, armed bank robbery, attempted murder, and kidnapping to his name, although he denied the charge of first-degree murder against him.

Danny Ray Horning Wiki: Who is Danny Ray Horning?

Horning, the famous criminal fugitive who was being called Robin Hood and Rambo, was born in 1959 in Stockton, California to a middle-class family consisting of six brothers including him. He is said to be very close to one of his brothers Steve Horning and were inseparable, both of them have similar interests and a passion for hunting and fishing.

One of the Horning brothers, Jerry Horning was serving 20 years in prison for child molestation in 1992, was demanded to be freed by Danny during his escape when he kidnapped a family, which was declined by the authorities after which he was arrested later and sent to death row at San Quentin Prison.

He has been there since 1994 for his murder case of Sammy McCullough in 1990. Danny Ray Horning also has his own family, the current 63-year-old prisoner is divorced and has three children and also grandchildren with whom he doesn’t have any contact at the present time.

Danny Ray Horning Case

Danny Ray Horning became the prime suspect in the gruesome murder case that took place in September 1990 in Stockton, San Joaquin River. The victim of the terrifying murder was Sammy McCullough a catfish farmer, who was killed with a bullet shot into his brain, and then his body was dismembered. The police of Stockton couldn’t find Horning until he was arrested for armed bank robbery in March 1991 in Winslow, Arizona.

Horning’s Bank Robbery Charges

After Danny Ray Horning was charged for the murder case he was nowhere to be found until he was arrested for committing another crime, during his theft of Winslow bank in March 1991. He did the armed robbery in the Valley National Bank of Winslow and asked the staff to fill his bag with money, he even tried to escape the police by taking a hostage but was arrested in the end.

His case was taken by the Arizona court and was put into a life term sentence for robbery, assault, and kidnapping in the Arizona prison. This is where he escaped from tight security and gained himself the name of Rambo and Robin Hood.

He made his escape from the prison on 12 May 1992 by disguising himself as a working prison lab worker which then led to the huge manhunt in the history of Arizona.

Horning’s Escape and Other Crimes

After his escape, he committed another burglary in a farmhouse in rural Florence, where he stole some clothes, food, and a revolver, and then he made his way to Tucson, where he then broked in the Valley National Bank of Tucson.

After his successful robbery he traveled to the northern Arizona forest and around the first week of June was seen many times but he disappeared immediately like some magic. During his time living in the cool pines, he burglarized many cabins and vacation homes, stealing food, clothes, firearms, and vehicles including vans and trucks.

In the later part of June, he moved to the tourist spot of Flagstaff where he threatened a middle-aged couple with his revolver and asked them to drive their car as per his order, and took them hostage. He asked for a negotiation with the authority for money, his personal freedom, and other demands in return for the freedom of the hostage.

Not just this he tried to kidnap another wealthy family but was unable and was chased by the police and again escaped into the wood of the Grand Canyon leaving the middle-aged hostage. He continued his threatening escape plans with many on his way, who were threatened to help him escape the cops but he met his fate when he was arrested by the Yavapai county police on July 5, where he was brought back to the Florence prison.

Is Danny Ray Horning Still Alive?

Finally, he was arrested after his grand escape and chased for about two months and was presented in the court of Florence and charged with various crimes during his escape in addition to his early bank robbery.

Later he was extradited to the Stockton court for his McCullough murder case and the case went on trial for a year but Horning stayed firm to his words and said he didn’t commit the murder. Later he was eventually found guilty of the murder on 15 July 1994 and was sent to the San Quentin Prison.

Horning currently 63, has appealed for his innocence in the murder several times but was unsuccessful in claiming himself innocent but was able to put off his execution for 20 years and he still remains on the death row at San Quentin Prison in California.