Jonah Johnston the eldest son of the Johnston household is all grown up now and he is currently 22 years old. He is one of the major cast of the Seven Little Johnstons reality television series and has been appearing since the airing of the show in 2015. As the eldest child, Johnston is a very caring older brother to his siblings and plays the role of being the eldest son of the family.

In the show, he seems to be teasing and pranking his younger siblings, especially Emma, Anna, and Elizabeth and he is a very playful person. But recently in the new seasons, he seems to be appearing less in the show’s episodes, So what might be the case for his low-key appearance in the recent episodes.

What happened to Jonah on “7 Little Johnstons”? Where is Jonah Johnston?

Well, we all know as we become young adults we all get busy with our own lives and so it goes for Jonah Johnston as well. Well, he himself hasn’t properly announced yet what he is up to but many believe that the 22 years old eldest son of the Johnston couple is doing his own career planning and busy with his jobs as an adult. As in the season 10th of the Seven Little Johnstons, he is seen moving out of the house and living by himself as an independent adult, which has made us all come up more curious to know more about his independent life. And since then he has been appearing less in the show.

Just right after him, Anna Johnston, the second oldest child of the Johnston moved out of the house and then Elizabeth became the third one who is living independently by herself. But the fans also seem to be concerned about another thing about Johnston, which is his post teeth surgery.

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So how is Jonah Johnston’s health after the surgery?

Jonah seems to have gone through a wisdom teeth surgery recently which seems to be concerning for all the fans out there. After his wisdom teeth removal, it also seems his little siblings Emma and Alex have also gone through the same process as mama Amber Johnston posted their images with the caption “Spring break = wisdom teeth O-U-T”, on Instagram.

Well, it is common to remove your wisdom teeth but we all know the pain it causes. Don’t we? Let us give you a relieving answer to your worries, Jonathan is doing well after the surgery and is also going back to his regular busy life. Johnston is working hard for himself and for his future and he is perfectly fine now. He is mostly absent from most of the episode, and the cause is he is now a working adult doing his best in his job.

And also not to forget he is also giving time and enjoying hangouts with his girlfriend Ashley, who he has been dating for two years now. So does it mean Jonah is living with his girlfriend?

If you all are hoping for a ” yes” answer then we are sorry to tell you, but he is living with his friend Brian. He didn’t even tell Ashley about him moving out, as everything happened so fast but he told her at the end moment. And it was a shock for Ashley that Jonah moved out with his friend but he didn’t tell her and yet, she is happy for him doing his best. And the couple is still going strong in their relationship.

What does Jonah Johnston do for a Living?

Jonah Johnston is now living by himself as an individual working adult as he was seen moving out of the house in the Seven Little Johnstons tenth season. According to his present LinkedIn profile, he is currently working as a full-time sales professional at Butler Toyota in Forsyth, Georgia, which he started doing around last February.

He seems to be going on the same path as his father Trent Johnston, who was also employed as a car salesman. Apart from him now working as a full-time employee, we must not forget he is also a cast member for the TLC Seven Little Johnstons and has been in the show for about 6 years. So as a regular cast member of the reality show and the series being a top-ranked show jonah is earning between $25,000 to $40,000, quite a lot as the cast of the show per episode. And taking his regular job as another of his earning sources, his estimated net worth is somewhere near $1.5 million and as per information, the net worth of the whole Johnston family is said to be near $5 million.