The American actress has been well known since her work in American Housewives and also worked in various other television shows and series and had garnered popularity from then on. She had also starred in a movie called Then Comes Marriage which premiered in 2004. Her recent works include the murder case series The Thing About Pam which was released at the beginning of this March.

She married Breaux Greer in 2016 and they have two children together, Kingston Saint, who is their son and elder child, and their daughter Elektra Saint, the second child who was born in 2018.

Katy Mixon had acted opposite Billy Gardell in the show Mike and Molly which was released in 2010 and ended in 2016. She played the role of Molly who was overweight and fell in love with Mike, a police officer who is also overweight. They two overcome challenges regarding their weight as well as criticism and judgments from their relatives and strive to get in shape for their health and wellness.

Just like her transformation in the show, she seems to have taken it on herself to take responsibility for her own health and not think about the criticism of people who would judge her decision of trying to get better and feel better as she went through some weight loss in 2018 and the public was quick to notice.

The series did well and her upcoming series George and Tammy will be released later this year and fans are waiting to see her in new roles.

What is Katy Mixon Doing Now?

Katy Mixon’s 2022 is a busy one as she takes on major roles in The Thing About Pam and also a new series which is a biopic called George and Tammy.

Katy Mixon in The Thing About Pam was well-liked by the viewers and wishes to see more of her roles in other series. George and Tammy is a biopic based on the romance between George Jones and Tammy Wynette which is yet to be released but will soon be this year in 2022. ‘

In the crime series The Thing About Pam, where Mixon plays the role of Betsy Faria who was murdered by Pam Hupp, Katy seemed to have gained a significant amount of weight which made the fans wonder if she really gained weight for the role.

Katy Mixon had worn prosthetics for the role of Betsy Faria as she was a cancer patient and had undergone chemotherapy at the time of her death. The fans were quick to point it out and said she did not need to wear prosthetics around her neck and waist for the role as she was naturally overweight.

Mixon did not comment on what the people said but rather kept expressing her freedom to keep her body the way she wants to and encourage women to be comfortable with the body type they were born with.

As she is acting in two real-life based stories, she seems to be taking her roles seriously and is doing well in her career, and is sure to surprise her fans further in the years to come.

Katy Mixon’s Weight Gain

Around the time of shooting for The American Housewives, she had gained weight as she was pregnant with her then-fiancé and present husband, Breaux Greer. A few years after the delivery of her children, she decided to get back in shape, which resulted in her having loose skin around her waist.

She faced criticism from a few netizens as she seemed to have gained at least a hundred pounds since the initial stage of her career. However, she said that she will not let the media or the judgemental netizens make her feel uncomfortable in her own skin.

It’s no doubt that Mixon had gone through several weight changes from losing weight and gaining weight. At present, she seems comfortable with how she looks and feels and does not let her mind get affected by negative comments from the media and the internet. She expressed her thoughts on body positivity and said she does not let anyone control her decisions on what she does to her body as she often needs to go through weight loss as well as weight gain for different roles that are assigned to her.

The significant weight changes in the past years had caused her to have loose skin around her neck and waist, because of which she said she was bothered by the looks and later stopped worrying too much about beauty standards.