The American actor and comedian have been recently added to the list of celebrities who went through a huge transformation regarding their shape and size. Billy Gardell Jr. played the lead role as a police officer in a show called Mike and Molly which was based on two overweight people who fall in love despite all the challenges and struggles including criticism from each other’s relatives and during the course of their romantic journey they make a decision to lose weight.

The show ended in 2016 but seems like Billy Gardell had taken the concept of the show and applied it in his real life. Just like the popular sitcom, Billy seems to have been inspired to make positive transformations not only for his looks but also for his health.

“Mike and Molly’s” Cast

Mike and Molly’s cast include Billy Gardell as the lead role of Mike, and Melissa McCarthy as his love interest Molly Flynn, alongside Katy Mixon as Molly’s sister Victoria.

The show was something Billy Gardell could relate to as he also had been the victim of obesity and being ridiculed in his initial years for being overweight. As claimed by Gardell, when he was diagnosed with the condition, he did not want to believe the doctor but in a few moments, he knew he had to do something.

The Inspiration behind Billy Gardell Shedding Some Extra Pounds

It may be difficult to clarify that the show was indeed a catalyst to Billy’s decision to lose weight, it is no doubt that it was a prerequisite for him to lose weight for his health as he is suffering from Type ll diabetes.

He was diagnosed with this condition in 2018 and that has been a wake-up call for him to focus on his health and wellness. In 2019, Gardell came up with an online reality show called My Type 2 Transformation which talks about his condition and also helps people who are suffering from the same condition and need consultancy from experts and professionals in this field and interact with experienced people.

The series covers Gardell’s weight loss journey as well as how he made this positive transformation focused on diet, exercise, and other necessary lifestyle changes. The show comprises the best exercises and diet plans to start with and helps anyone in need of such plans.

Did Billy Gardell Undergo Weight Loss Surgery

According to the reports and the interviews where Gardell spoke about his weight, he did not get any surgery done to lose weight as it is an invasive procedure and might cause health issues instead. He was diagnosed with diabetes in 2018 and since then has been making efforts to lose weight not just for his appearance but mainly for the sake of his health.

It is no surprise that people would think he had undergone surgery to bring this huge transformation as he was said to weigh around 350 pounds and was on the heavier side since his childhood. He grew up fat and seemed to always have a gut as claimed by Gardell himself as he talked about his weight and the changes he needed to make for his health.

Gardell claims to have always been a foodie and binged eating junk food like pizza and burgers. He expressed the difficulty in losing weight but said it was worth it and felt much better and healthier after losing all the excess weight that was taking a toll on his health.

Did Billy Gardell Lose Weight and How did He Lose It?

For Billy Gardell, losing enough weight to come down to a healthy level was definitely not an easy task and he needed to put lots of effort into his weight loss journey and wanted to be an inspiration for those who are going through the same challenges as him.

The obvious ways through which Gardell lost his weight were healthy ways like controlling his eating habits as well as choosing to eat the best foods available instead of eating junk food as he used to in the earlier years. He also resorted to exercise to make the process much faster and boost his metabolism.

How Much Weight has Billy Gardell Lost?

After making several positive changes in his food habits and lifestyle, he managed to lose over 140 pounds and currently weighs around 209 pounds. He followed all this strictly under his doctor’s supervision and now claims to be feeling healthier than ever in spite of having Type ll Diabetes.

The transformation though was not easy, he encouraged his audience to be determined for the sake of their health and focus on their needs rather than indulging in unhealthy lifestyle choices.