Jack Wagner from the ongoing popular hallmark series When Calls the Heart, is not a new name when it comes to well-known soap operas like the General Hospital or his classic drama series Melrose Place to the family drama series The Bold And The Beautiful. He gained prominence with his role as Frisco Jones in the 1980s General Hospital series which then opened his career to other leading roles in various other popular series that followed after.

So let’s know Jack Wagner more properly from then and now.

Jack Wagner Then and Now

Jack Wagner, born on  October 3, 1959, in Washington, Missouri hailed from your typical middle-class family and has made himself a solid part of the entertainment world as a well-known Hollywood celeb. Jack since a young age has been active in sports and used to play football and basketball when he was in high school but when he attended the University of Arizona he joined the golf and drama department, where he got a full scholarship from the drama department and hence his career in the entertainment world began.

Jack Wagner Young: His Early Acting Career and His Iconic Role in the “General Hospital”

Wagner began his career journey in the acting world thanks to the scholarship he got. He began to be more focused and active in the acting world and his first role came up in 1982 in a short soap opera a New Day in Eden, where he played the role of Clint Masterson.

Wagner’s major iconic role was in the Emmy Award-Winning soap opera General Hospital or just GH. In the series, he played the famous role of Frisco Jones from 1983 to 1995.

Jack Wagner in “General Hospital”

In his role as Frisco Jones, he had a series of drama, romance, action, and adventure. He first appeared in the show as a lead singer of the band Blackie and the Riff-Raff, but the band disbanded and he was beaten for leaving the music business and hence landed in the hospital. There he meets Felicia Cummings, another of the major characters of the series played by Kristina Wagner, who became his love interest, and later in the series, the couple gets married.

The Jones couple together is also known as the super couple of the series and the couple has two daughters Maxie Jones and Georgie Jones. In the General Hospital series, Frisco Jones later enrolled in the police academy and started working as a police investigator.

The series shows the up and down relationship of the couple and they end up getting a divorce but their relationship stays strong.  In the 2013 special episode of the series in the celebration of completing its 50th anniversary, Frisco was seen appearing after eighteen years, who reunites with his daughters and Felicia now as her ex-husband.

Other Roles from Wagner’s Notable Acting Career

General Hospital was one of the most notable series of Jack Wagner as a young budding star that gained him a more notable role in the various other series that followed. In 1985, he was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for best younger actor for his role in the General Hospital series. Other notable roles in popular series include Warren Lockridge on Santa Barbara which aired from 1991 to 1993, then he played the role of Dr. Peter Burns in the soap opera Melrose Place opposite Heather Locklear from 1994 to 1999.

During this time apart from soap operas he also appeared in televisions movies like Moving Target, Lady Killer, Frequent Flier, and Dirty Little Secret. Then in the 2000s, another of his well-known roles is the role of Nick Marone in the series The Bold And The Beautiful, which aired from 2003 to 2012, for which he was nominated for the best lead actor award in 2005.

Currently, he is in the ongoing popular family drama series When Calls The Heart playing the role of Bill Avery.

Jack Wagner’s Singing Career

Wagner is not just an actor, he has also contributed as a singer in his singing career. Wagner first released his single All I Need which ranked 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and 1 on the Adult Contemporary Chart in 1985. To date, Wagner has released a total of 6 albums including his hit All I Need from his album All I Need,1984, Lighting Up The Night, 1985, Don’t Give Up Your Day Job, 1987, Alone In The Crowd, 1993, Dancing In The Moonlight, 2005, and On The Porch, 2014.

His musical talent also led him to theatrical work like his notable work of Jekyll & Hyde in Broadway musical theater in the 1990s. He also did other musicals like West Side Story, 1987, and Grease, 1988.

Okay, so we have known his career journey but what about his personal life. Is Wagner married? If yes then who is Jack Wagner married to? Let’s look into his personal life status to date.

Jack Wagner’s Personal Life

If we look into Wagner’s personal life, it seems to be alike his character of Frisco Jones from the General Hospital. Why we are bringing the series is because he married his then costar Kristina Wagner from the General Hospital in 1993. And the couple has two sons Peter Wagner and Harrison Wagner. So,  Doesn’t it seem too much like the series? Though in the series they have two daughters, in real-life they have two sons. The couple got divorced in 2006 for marital issues which again brought out another similarity from the show.  Another thing to notice is Wagner seems to have dated almost all of his co-stars from his notable series.

After his divorce, Wagner dated his Melrose Place costar, Heather Locklear, from 2007 to 2011. Then he dated another of his costars Ashley Jones from his series, The Bold And The Beautiful from 2013 to 2015. For the present, we don’t have any news of him dating anyone.

Another thing to know about Wagner’s personal life is that he has a daughter, Carrie, who was given up for adoption by her birth mother and when she grew up she hired a private detective to track down her biological parents. And this led her to Wagner who is her biological father. The father and daughter met for the first time after 23 years in a concert in 2011. After their meeting, Wagner even introduced her to the whole audience.