The American actress was born on 12th December 1975 in California and although she was academically a good student, she decided to pursue her acting career while putting a halt to her education briefly. She belongs to a Jewish family who were immigrants and her grandparents belonged from Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary.

Bialik announced that she is now a Modern Orthodox Jew and considered herself to be a strong believer and follower of the Zionist religion. Mayim has always been a mix of a modern and traditional Jewish girl who kept juggling between her passion for acting as well as her studies which she held onto since her teenage years.

Does Mayim Bialik have a Ph.D.?

The Big Bang Theory actress graduated from North Hollywood High School where she pursued her doctorate degree in neuroscience. She was still committed to her acting career while earning minors in Jewish studies. She wanted to go to the medical school but confessed that she did not have grades high enough to get her into one of the medical schools that she had her eyes on which made her opt for a doctorate in neuroscience instead.

Mayim Bialik can basically keep the title of Doctor before her name but she seems to be fine without flaunting her title. Mayim Bialik’s college name is North Hollywood High School located in California where she passed out in the year 2003 and since then has been juggling between her studies and acting.

In 2005 she took a break from her education in order to go back to acting, and then after a few years, returned to get her Doctor of Philosophy in neuroscience in 2007 to complete both her ambitions for doing well in acting as well as in her education.

Is Miyam Bialik a Neuroscientist?

Mayim Bialik has been a favorite of the teens and the youth ever since the Big Bang Theory aired on television. The characters of the show, including Miyam’s character Amy Farrah, were much liked by the audience and many of the actors received several nominations and awards.

The show first aired on 24th September 2007 and was a high-rated television show and ran for twelve seasons in total. In the comedy sitcom, she played the role of Amy Farrah who specializes in biology and often comes up with genius solutions to the problems that her friends face in their day-to-day lives.

It may be surprising to some, but Mayim Bialik had actually earned her doctorate degree in neuroscience and like her character in Big Bang Theory, she is really someone who did well in her educational field. The host of Jeopardy told her fans that although she had been in an acting career from an early age, she knew she had to complete her education and pursue the field she had her eyes on before. She left the entertainment industry to focus on her higher studies which eventually earned her doctorate degree and she is basically qualified to be a neuroscientist.

She further went on to reveal that she is not only a doctor in the field, but is also a professor in the same field but eventually ended up with the role of Amy Farrah on the hit comedy show.

Bialik did not believe in flaunting her talent on the set but the makers of the show knew that she would be the perfect fit for the nerdy character of Amy who specialized in biology and would be able to direct the makers on biological accuracy wherever and whenever it was required on set.