Who is Amanda Duarte? Who is going viral over her tweet all over the internet.

Amanda Duarte is best known for her role as violet in the 2005, Citizen Candyman: A Documentary. Other than this she has also appeared in series like Accident, Suicide or Murder 2019 and her own directed and written short comedy video No Denying Love 2011.

Apart from the film industry, she is a New York-based writer and contributor to big publications like the New York Times, The New Yorkers, and Times Out New York.

Amanda Duarte is the founder, creator, and the main presenter of her ongoing reading series called Dead Darlings, where authors, cartoonists, and other artists share their past brilliant ideas.

Amanda Duarte’s Twitter Story

So why is Amanda Duarte getting so much attention right now, what did she do? And what is all about Amanda Duarte’s Twitter?

Duarte recently tweeted on her account about the ongoing leaked Roe v. Wade draft published by Politico on Monday (2 April 2022), which appears that the supreme court of the United State is deciding on overturning the Roe v. Wade decision. After the leaked draft the whole nation seems to be in a big chaos.

The Roe v. Wade decision of 1973 case, protected the right of pregnant women and gave them the freedom to choose to have an abortion without much restrictions from the government. But with the leaked decision draft of the supreme court and after Chief Justice John Robert gave authenticity to the report, everyone is out in the street to voice against the decision made by the supreme court.

And in-between this, many celebrities also tweeted their opinion about the matter and one of them being Amanda Duarte who tweeted:

“I do wonder how these white supremacist lawmakers would feel if their little white daughters were raped and impregnated by black men.”

This tweet of her has become the most racist and vulgar tweet in the nation with the ongoing protest against the abortion ban law. Her tweet has raised controversies from both the races and, some even questioned her if she is Jewish? And others just started responding to her tweet as being the most vulgar racist tweet ever.

Some replied after she deleted her account, “

Great how the internet is forever! Even better when a racist like Amanda deletes her account.”

And another one, “The right thing to do was not post it in the first place. The fact that you deleted it does not change that the comment reveals who you are.”

Just after her controversial tweet, she deleted her account but soon came back online to apologize for her controversial remarks and she wrote,

“I said something insanely awful and stupid on tweeter last night. The intent does not matter so I will not attempt to defend or explain it. It was racist and has had a racist impact. I’m terribly sorry to anyone and everyone who read it and who were hurt by it.”

But even though she apologized for her remarks, others are not satisfied with her apology and people don’t think her apology can erase what she has already ignited.  To this, one wrote,

“I’m not sure if you are truly sorry. I hope you are. I pray you to do some soul searching.”

But Amanda after her apology again seemed to have deleted her account and have gone missing again from the platform.

Amanda Duarte’s Biography and Family Details


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Amanda 51, has worked as an actress in her early career and is recognized for her role in the comedy show, Citizen Candyman: A Documentary. She did appear in other small roles in other movies and series but she currently is making more progress as a writer, storyteller, and stage performer based in Brooklyn, New York City.

She is a known contributor to some popular publications like The New York Times, The New Yorkers, Times Out New York, and other New York-based magazines. She does comedy stage performances mostly based on reading series and she has an ongoing stage reading series that she has been performing for the last four years called the Dead Darlings, devoted to the creative artists whose brilliant ideas and pieces of works can never be forgotten.

Duarte also seems to be a supporter of the LGBTQ community and she appeared in one of the 2Scoops Christmas specials shows.

Apart from this her family details and personal details are not known but it is believed that she might be married or be in a relationship as her personal life has never been brought up much, and hence we still don’t have many details about her relationship status.