At the beginning of the series you see very young Uthred and Brida, they are the focus of fates fury since childhood, or are they the childhood friends with their fate intertwined, has it really has been so?

The Last Kingdom series has been running for 5 whole seasons and from the twists and turns, we see how this childhood love story hasn’t had much luck. With every upcoming season, Uthred and Bridas fate takes a background seat while they turn each other’s biggest enemies.

Let’s Find Out if this Fierce Battle is Why Brida Hates Uthred

Currently, season five must not have been a shocker after so many new character inclusions in the last season, things were bound to get out of hand.

Uthred and Brida started growing apart as soon as they could contemplate the choices they had to make for their sworn allegiances. Uthreds being Alfred that is the Saxons and Brida being the young Ragnar that is Danes, the Dane and Saxon divide led to Brida being captured in season four.

In Brida’s case, Uthred was responsible. Instead of giving her an honorable death, he lets her be taken away as a prisoner and this is why Brida wants to kill Uthred.

By the end of season four, the divide comes to a truce and Brida manages to find a way to attempt to kill Uthred. While Uthred manages to escape by fighting her off but he just lets her go. At this moment Brida decides to be the undoing of Uthred.

Young Uthred who resents his father’s violent pagan ways eventually decides to become the cleric of a Christian church, so young Uthred becomes bishop Oswald.

So Do the Father-Son Duo Reunite?

Uthred’s son in The Last Kingdom is known as young Uthred. This role is played by Finn Elliot. Though he is not the only son of Uthred, Uthred has an offspring in season 3 who is not showcased due to complex show dynamics.

Uthred tries to convince his son to abandon the church and join him in his goal of claiming back his birthright he was reluctant at first but then ends up leaving with his father for a brief while before both of them part on their own ways.

At the end of the season, Edward entrusts his son under the watchful eye of Uthred.

Does Brida Really Kill Uthred?

Season five opens with Uthred explaining how he believes that Brida might be still alive, even though many believe her rumored death. Brida plans for attack by gathering followers, she lives in Iceland with her daughter, who she has been raising there, and now plans to attack England out of vengeance.

What Happens in Season 5 ? Does Uthred Die?

While season 5 comes to an end and Bebbanburg has been won by Uthred, it didn’t come without the danger from both sides and an alliance with a runaway Stiorra.  Stiorra agrees for her dad, help from Daxon arrives for the Saxon and they attack the scots and it’s successful, the triumph comes at a high cost as hundreds of men are murdered in the blood bath.

Uthred then returns to settle an ancient score and reclaim his homestead from his traitorous cousin and kills Withgar. In the next scenes, power-hungry Aethelhelm commits suicide out of shame, and Constantine is seen agreeing to a brief truce with Uthred after the fights.

As long as Uthred ensures that Northumbria remains free of Edwards Dominion, Wessex’s king who is determined to carry out his fathers’ plan is enraged after hearing about this arrangement.

“Uthred reminds him that he has done too wildly to ever be a symbol of unity; instead his descendants will take on that position.”

Though the season comes to a fantastic conclusion, there are a lot of loose ends, making the situation as perilous as ever for Uthred.

Uthred will be seen in the 7 Kings Must Die and Epilogue to The Last Kingdom series.

How did Brida Die?

In season 5 episode 7, Uthred and Breda are once again standing face to face when Brida coaxes Uthred to the forest, very much knowingly. Brida finally comes to the same situation as season 4. When a one-on-one fight with Uthred is bested upon her, she insists on being killed, begging for death.

Uthred is reminiscing about the past and becomes very hesitant. Being in the forest that they traveled in their youth and his emotions taking power on him, he tries to rekindle the old Brida. He wants to help Brida and hopes that there still might be a future for them where they can be friends once again.

Brida in Uthred’s arms seemingly accepts the idea until an arrow pierces through her. Stiorra who by that point had become the danish queen was lurking in the bushes and shoots her with an arrow at the first chance. Brida takes her last breath while looking at Uthred.

The Last Kingdom is streaming on Netflix, Do not miss out on the latest season that got released on 9th March 2022.