Have you enjoyed The Big Bang Theory? If yes, then I guess you are also the viewer of its spin-off prequel Young Sheldon that presently running.

Young Sheldon is the prequel to The Big Bang Theory series that was released in 2007, it was about the older version of Sheldon Cooper. The spin-off focused on the life of the young Sheldon Cooper.

The series is set in the late 80s and early 90s in Taxes when Sheldon cooper was 9, living with his family and known for being a child parody. Sheldon has skipped his junior grades to go to high school for his exceptional academic performance.

The series shows us how Sheldon tries and struggles to fit in the society including his family, and friends, who on the other hand don’t really know how to deal with his unique talent and capabilities. The series will relate Sheldon to the adult version of The Big Bang Theory series, like how he was being fascinated by Professor Proton who inspired him to become a scientist.

Let’s Know the Character Better

#Iain Armitage as Sheldon Cooper is academically gifted and a child prodigy who is well informed in mathematical science, and hence he decided to pursue theoretical physics at a young age. Sheldon is well versed in all types of science but has no understanding of how societies work and their norms. Sheldon has an arrogant, narcissistic personality and always feel superiority over other but his love for his family are always there in his heart.

#Zoe Perry as Mary Tucker Cooper has shown as a devoted Christian and a loving mother. She is a protective and caring mother who is worried about Sheldon not being able to fit into society and his atheism. She cares for Sheldon but sometimes she struggles to understand him.

#Lance Barber as George Cooper Sr. a doting father of the cooper household. He works as the chief football coach at Medford High School and is a very caring father to his children. He wants to support Sheldon and tries to understand him better. He has gained Sheldon’s love and trust as a father who has defended him on many occasions. But in the latter part of the series, he died when Sheldon turned 14.

#Montana Jordan as Georgie jr. is the eldest child of the cooper household and is described as a lazy, short-tempered young high schooler and he dislikes Sheldon for getting too much attention from his parents.

He goes to Medford High and is in the football club of his school but is not active in his academy. He is often mocked by Sheldon and his grandmother for his bad test score.

#Reagan Revord as Melissa/ Missy Cooper is the younger sister of Georgie and twin younger sister of Sheldon. Her character along with her older brother Georgie tease Sheldon but she haver always believed in Sheldon’s intellect and talent even though she does not always get along with him.

#Annie Potts as Constance/ Connie Tucker is a cheerful lady and maternal grandmother of the Cooper children who like to tease and mock her grandson Georgie and the people around her. She is a fun-loving lady who often is Sheldon’s support when needed, be it giving life advice or motivation that Sheldon needs.

Why do the Characters Wear or Repeat their Wardrobe so Often?


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(How he always wears a striped shirt like an adult)

If we look back at the earlier The Big Bang Theory, we can see that most of the character wears the same clothes very often and the same thing can be seen in the Young Sheldon series.

The main reasons for the repeating wardrobe could be the following:

#For Maintaining the Dress Code with the Time and Setting of the Show

As the show is taken place in the 80s and 90s it’s obvious for the setting to be of that time and not to make it look too fancy which would look surreal for that time. We can see the example of how Mary wears her braided straw belt, then the polka dot top and the blue overall worn by Missy are very normal for that time and it’s common for every individual.

The show has done a good job of properly maintaining the setting in according to the atmosphere of the series.

#According to the Family’s Financial Situation

The Cooper family is a normal middle-class family who wouldn’t go for frilly and grand clothing every day. We know how a middle-class family really looks like we don’t always go and wear new clothes every day.

Do we? so it is normal for the character to be seen wearing and repeating their wardrobe. What wouldn’t have been normal is if they have worn something fancy every day that would ruin the whole show.

#Clothing According to the Characters

The clothes the characters wear in the series also say a lot about their personality and behaviors, that really is a great idea to present each character in accordance with their clothing.

We can see young Sheldon who admires and is inspired by Professor Proton and other famous physicists like Einstein and Hawking not only in his career perspective but in his clothing sense too.

In the series, we can see him wearing bowties, a striped shirt, pants, and shoes like a complete grown-up gentleman. It’s cause he thinks, as he is going to college he is an adult and a proper intellect should dress just like this. Young Sheldon’s wardrobe is mostly filled with this kind of clothing that tells us much about him.