Do you enjoy watching Teen Titans Go!? Do you want to know which Robin is in Teen Titans Go!? If so, do not miss the article.

Teen Titans Go! is a popular American animated television series which is based on a DC Comics superhero team known as Teen Titans.

It was created after witnessing the unprecedented success of New Teen Titans. People could enjoy the popular series on Cartoon Network. Robin plays a vital role in this popular series.

Keep reading to learn about the character.

Robin from “Teen Titans Go!”

Robin is one of the popular characters in Teen Titans Go! He always wanted to be perfect in his work. He also wanted to be the leader of the superhero team.

Robin belonged to a family of circus performers, and he had gone through a tough childhood. When his parents were killed in a tragic acrobat accident, he was adopted by the mega-rich playboy Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman.

In one of the episodes titled Flashback, Robin decided to leave Gotham when he was mistreated by Batman. After arriving in Jump City, Robin decided to form a team of superheroes when he realised that he did not have power.

Unfortunately, several enlistees did not find him fit to be the leader when four recruits enraged Robin. Robin was thrown away from his own Tower. Later, along with his four new friends, Robin broke Kid Flash’s knee and retook the Tower and the Teen Titans.

 Voice Actor for Robin

Scott David Menville is popular for his role as voice over actor in many popular animated series including Teen Titans Go! Menville has played the role of voice actor for Robin and won hearts of many.

He also voiced in Metamorpho in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Shaggy in Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue, etc.

 Characters of “Teen Titans Go!”

Viewers like to watch almost all Teen Titans Go! characters. All the characters influence the viewers differently. Some of the main characters have been discussed below:

  • Robin

Robin is the leader of Titans. He has a crush on Starfire. He does not tolerate any disrespect.

  • Starfire

Starfire is from a planet called Tamaran. She tries to learn about earth’s culture. Starfire loves kittens and puppies. She also tries to avoid Robin’s obsession with her.

  • Cyborg

He uses many gadgets and he is depicted as cybermetic hero. He has a relationship with Jinx.

  • Raven

Raven is a female teenager from Azarath who gets annoyed by everything and always stays in a bad mood. Her character is shown as a half-demon. She has a secret crush on her teammate Beast Boy.

  • Beast Boy

The beast boy is shown as the best friend of Cyborg. Sometimes he is an irritating prankster. He has human to animal metamorphism powers.

  • Silkie

Silkie is a giant moth that is also the perfect pet for Starfire. He is brilliant, but it is not known to the titans.

How Old is Robin?

You will get a different number of ages for different series. The age of 1st Robin is between 23-and 24 years old. He is younger than Batman. The age of 2nd Robin is between 21 to 22 years old.

The age of the third Robin is less than the first and the second one. Fifth Robin is the youngest of all Robins. He is between 10 to 13 years old.


The character of Robin aka Richard “Dick” Grayson is shown beautifully in Teen Titans Go!, which is loved by many. If you are also a fan of Robin and want to check out the show, you can always go to Youtube and start binge-watching.