Kaithi, the action thriller was another box office hit from director Lokesh Kanagaraj who has been giving the movie lovers one after another blockbuster movie. It was released in October 2019 and has been a great success across the nation and the world.

There is also a talk of making a sequel to the movie but we are yet to get a new Kaithi 2 though this year we have got another high-grossing movie from Kanagaraj, Vikram starring kamal Haasan in the lead role, which was released this month on June 3. This new release is said to be the continuation of the famous Kaithi 2019, hence making it into a franchise.

As many fans are still awaiting Kaithi’s second part of the movie, Vikram will serve the tastes of all the fans as it is related to Kaithi but we will not be seeing Dilli (Karthi), the main protagonist from the prequel in Vikram.

What we would expect is, another part of the story relating to the story of the Kaithi which will give us a better understanding of both the movies making them more fascinating for the viewers. So let’s know more about it and what to expect from its released and upcoming series.

“Kaithi”- Movie Story

Let’s go through a quick briefing of Kaithi’s story to better understand the movie and enjoy the thrilling series without much confusion.

The story starts with our main protagonist Dilli who is sentenced to life in prison, is released on parole, and is hoping to meet his 10-year-old daughter for the first time. Then at the same time drugs, and smuggling has been rising in the state of Tamil Nadu, and a team of police officers headed by Bejoy confiscate a van full of smuggling cocaine which is under the most wanted of the state Adaikalam.

To retrieve the smuggled goods, Adaikalam’s brother Anbu tried to kill the involved team of police officers by poisoning their drink at an official retirement party. All the officers get unconscious after consuming the drink except for Bejoy who didn’t take any drink, he then asks for Dilli’s help who was present at the party to help save the officer’s lives by secretly taking them to the hospital without anyone’s knowledge, to which Dilli agrees.

This is how Dilli gets involved with the police and the smuggling gang. Then Dilli, Bejoy, and caterer Kamatchi help the unconscious police team into the van, and all the three drive to the nearest hospital. Meanwhile, Anbu’s gang members chase them and confront the three but Dilli takes care of them and they manage to transfer the officers to the hospital safely.

At the commissioner’s office where the smuggled goods are hidden by the police team and the gang members are captured, one of them being Adaikalam himself, who tries to guide his brother Anbu to retrieve the goods and him.

Meanwhile, Dilli, Bejoy, and Kamatchi return to the commissioner’s office but are stopped by another gang of goons, and the fight begins. Dilli managed to defeat the gang but he was stabbed in the process.

There in the commissioner’s office, Anbu was also captured and was hit unconscious with a fire extinguisher by constable Napoleon who got furious when Anbu ordered his gang to kill one student.

Seeing his brother unconscious, Adaikalam rages and vows to take his revenge and kill them all. After all the fighting and confrontation between the gang and Dilli’s team, everything comes to an end when the gang members are arrested and Dilli finally meets his daughter in an emotional reunion.

Kaithi”s Ending Explained in Relation to Vikram 

As we have seen, Kaithi’s story ending is not fulfilling and has left us hanging, making us more curious to know what will come next. So, let’s get clear about the ending,

The movie ends with a happy ending as Dilli is able to meet his daughter and is seen going back to Dilli’s village.

Another happy part was that all the police officers regained consciousness and the gang was arrested. The antagonist Adaikalam still seems to be in jail and his brother Anbu was supposedly thought to be dead which was cleared in the next series Vikram.

Vikram, with Kamal Haasan as the lead, is set up in the same movie franchise as Kaithi but three months later after the incident in Kaithi. Here we meet police officer Bejoy again whose family was killed because of his involvement with the drugs case and we also learn that the drugs smuggling team from the prequel has their big boss goes by the name of Rolex played by Suriya.

He is the main drug syndicate and leader of all other drug smuggling lords in the city and we have also learned about Anbu who we thought was dead is still alive and his brother Adaikalam, the drug lord from the previous series is out of prison. Rolex is informed that the main people involved in bringing down their smuggling gangs are Dilli and Vikram and he announced a great sum as a reward for killing these two by any means possible.

So this is how we get the ending of Kaithi and now we just have to wait for another series of the franchises to be out, to see how things will go from here on.

And the good news is, that director Lokesh has already started the work for Kaithi 2 movie and we all are hoping to see more of Kaithi’s unsolved mysteries including Dilli’s past and how Adaikalam knows him, and if they have a past together.

Though Kaithi 2 is on filming, we are not yet informed of any further details about it like any expected release date of the series but we are estimating the movie will be done with its shooting in the next year.