The American television News Host has served the MSNBC channel for over a decade since the departure of Keith Olbermann who had been frequently absent from the show from 2008 and finally exited the channel in 2011. Before his departure as the host of the MSNBC show, Rachel Maddow had already filled for him and even had programs alongside Keith Olbermann as co-hosts.

The liberal-leaning political commentator hosts The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC which is a nightly television news program and is one of the most popular figures of the channel.

Earlier this year in January, Maddow took a break for two months to focus on other media projects so the channel needed some hosts to fill in her slot for as long as she is away from the channel.

Maddow’s departure comes around the time when MSNBC and other counterpart channels fight for ratings. As she announced her long break, she said that she needs a break like many other news anchors who had also taken a break from their work for either retiring voluntarily or focusing on other long-standing projects and interests. She specified that she will be working on her podcast and a movie adaptation of her book during the time of her break as a news anchor.

Is Rachel Maddow on a Vacation?

Rachel Maddow announced earlier this January that her break of two months, which is supposed to be till March is likely to end. This comes after the announcement of her working on other projects like a podcast for MSNBC whose details have been revealed by neither Rachel nor other executive members of the channel.

In spite of taking a break from her usual work, she is expected to be present to cover the news of Joe Biden’s first State of the Union speech which will take place in the first week of March. She also said that after making a few appearances she will probably take another break sometime soon.

Is Rachel Maddow Leaving MSNBC?

As announced by Rachel, she is taking a break from news anchoring for focusing on other projects that she deems as important for now and requires her time and attention because of which she will be letting Keith Olbermann take her slot while she is away. Her show called Rachel Maddow Show is likely to end this year around the springtime.

Where is Rachel Maddow Now?

She is currently working on a podcast for MSNBC whose details have not been revealed, alongside a movie. Another project that she is working on is the movie adaptation of her book named The Bag Man which is based on the scandal regarding Agnew who was the former President Richard Nixon’s vice president, who was exposed before he got to the highest position.

The details of the film such as the actors playing the roles and other cast and crew members’ names have not been revealed so far but Maddow says that the movie, although had been on work for a long time now, seems to be taking off finally and will be out soon. She may not be on a real vacation but has taken a break from her usual work.

Is Rachel Maddow Coming Back?

Maddow will likely not be back on MSNBC as a news anchor but on the parent company, which is NBC Universal as she has other projects tied to the company and is currently working on them.