Carlton McCoy is a renowned businessman known for being the President and the CEO of the leading winery Heitz Cellar. He received the position at the famous Napa Valley winery in 2018 and since then he has been in a respected position and has been discovering and expanding the Heitz new old styles of winery throughout the world. Mccoy was named one of the youngest Master Sommeliers in 2013 which is one of the prestigious titles he got at a young age and since then he has been working with various new discoveries in the wine industry.

Carlton McCoy Wiki: His Early Life and Family


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Mccoy currently 37, was brought up in Southeast Washington, United States to parents of a Jewish mother and an African American father, so he has a mixed ethnicity but was raised as an African American.  And what is interesting is that he has never been in any way related to the winery culture in his family and to which he said,

“(wine) wasn’t part of what you found on the table. Frankly, it’s not something you found on tables in most American families for a very long time.”

His family is known for being in the catering business for generations and especially his grandmother to whom he was very close since as a child and who was an amazing cook.  So he grew up under the influence of his family’s catering business, especially his grandmother. McCoy was motivated to build a career in cooking. So as a high schooler he joined a culinary arts club and he even won various cooking contests during his high school and was able to enroll in the Culinary Institute of America in New York, as a scholarship student.

His Career as a Master Sommelier

So through Carlton McCoy’s early life, what we have got to know is that he is also a master chef and a culinary expert. The interesting thing that happened during his time in the institute was that he was fascinated by wine arts and started learning more about it. To this, he said,

“The first time I had a glass of wine was when I began to study wine. It was this whole other world that opened up that I wasn’t even aware of that in many ways was connected to and similar to the culinary world.”

After his graduation, he became more serious about wine arts and started studying for a Master’s Sommeliers certification. He then joined the reputed training program for Master Sommeliers at The Little Nell in Aspen in 2011 and then was able to win the title of Master Sommelier in 2013, after which he was promoted to become a wine Director. And with this reputed title, he has gained worldwide recognition as one of the youngest African Americans to achieve the title and now serves as the President of the world-famous winery Heitz Cellar owned by billionaire Gaylon Lawrence.

The Heitz CEO wants to introduce a variant new style to the Napa wine without losing its classic pure styles of many eras.

Carlton McCoy CNN Series “Nomad with Carlton McCoy”

So what is McCoy up to now and what is the CNN series Nomad with Carlton McCoy is all about? Carlton McCoy is a very curious person and his love for discoveries about various cultural aspects is what the CNN series is all about.

The series that started airing its first episode on May 1, 2022, will be covering a total of six documentary episodes of McCoy traveling and discovering the authenticity of various cultures and the similarities and differences they have with one another.

The Sunday special series will be taking us to places all across the world from Paris suburbs known as the wine capital to the busy food stalls of Seoul, introducing us to its unique foods, music, and culture. The series will be continuing to air till the last Sunday of the month of May with which it will be completing its alluring journey of cultural discovery.

More on Carlton McCoy’s Personal Life

Mccoy, a world-renowned Master Sommelier, and a professional Chef is a known figure around the world with an estimated net worth of $15 million, making him one of the top businessmen in America. Now many of you are wondering if this raising businessman has a wife or a special someone, then your guesses are correct. He has been in a long-term relationship with his friend turned lover Ellere Fletcher. The couple has been friends for a long time which then turned to love and now they have been dating for a long time which made us all wonder if they are married and if she is McCoy’s wife, but we are yet to have any confirmation about their relationship status as McCoy seems to be keeping it a secret from the public. But what we know for now is that they are together and a major couple in the business world.