We have come across many murder cases and many with mysteries that are left unresolved, and one such case is the mysterious murder case of Beverly Lynn Smith, from 1974 in Oshawa Canada which is left unresolved to this day.

Now the case has gotten once again more attention with the coming of the Amazon Prime crime mini-series The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith, which will be shedding new light on the cold murder case.

Beverly Lynn Smith Wiki: Who was Beverly Lynn Smith?

Lynn Smith was born as Beverly Brown in 1952 in Oshawa Canada, into a loving family with her three sisters. She had a twin identical sister Barbra and both grew up as sisters and best friends and the two were inseparable. Apart from her twin sister she had two more sisters Wendy and Susan.

Later Beverly got married young to Doug Smith and the couple has a daughter together named Rebecca who was 10 months old at the time her mother passed away. The family used to live in the farmhouse of Raglan in Oshawa Canada just near Lynn Smith’s family house.

Beverly Lynn Smith’s Murder Story

It was the broad daylight of December 9, 1974, the time when Smith, a 22-year-old was murdered when she was alone working in the kitchen with her toddler in their residence.

She was shot at the back of her head but there was no weapon discovered at the crime scene and police also didn’t suspect it to be related to robbery or burglary as nothing seemed stolen from the house.

Her murder case is still a mystery and nobody was charged for her murder until many years later in 2007, her neighbor Alan Smith was put as the prime suspect in the murder.

Smith was later arrested in 2008 but the charges were dropped because of no proper and clear evidence against him. Then again he was brought into the court and a trial was running against him in 2014, but again without much of a clear ending as Smith stuck to his innocence and never admitted to the crime, hence the case still remains a mystery to this day.

“The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith”

Beverly Lynn smith’s case was closed right after her murder because of not having much evidence in the case, which also raised questions to the crime department for its lack of finding in the case. But as the case was brought again in 2007 after many years of the murder, where the investigators again did a thorough investigation and questioned every single person involved with Lynn Smith.

Later with the investigation and polygraph test result, the neighbor of the Lynn Smith family who used to live next door to them, Alan Smith became the prime suspect and was arrested in 2008. But the arrest didn’t last for long and he was freed without any charge because of a lack of evidence.

Then again in 2014 the Durham police investigated and Smith was again arrested and went to trial but he always claimed his innocence in the murder case. The Durham police are still keeping up with the decades-old case and the investigation is still ongoing and the mystery is yet to be solved.

With the Lynn Smith on and off case investigation, Amazon Prime has shed light on this unsolved case bringing more attention to the case with its launch of the mini-documentary crime series The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith on 6th May 2022.

According to the director of the series, Nathalie Bibeau told Yahoo Canada,

“I was gripped by the story right away and knew it had to be my next project.”

The series has shown Beverly Lynn Smith’s story with the blending of more new and known facts and mysteries surrounding the murder. The crime documentary will be shedding light on the investigation of the case and its journey in finding justice to this day. Bibeau said,

“It was clear to me from the start that the family of Beverly Smith needed and deserved to be heard in this series. They have suffered from a lack of answers for so many decades,…that was always a touchstone for me, I kept coming back to it and it helped, I think, to make Beverly feel as if she was coming to life in the series.”

The focus of the story is put into two-story that are shown in the series, one of the stories involves the 22 years young mother and wife, Lynn Smith murder and then another one about her prime suspect Alan Smith, who is claiming his innocence in the murder.

So the case from 1974 which was left cold, once again gains its momentum in the present after many decades of its being unsolved. We are yet to know the truth behind the murder mystery and are still unclear how long it will take for Lynn Smith to get justice.