The American actress, singer, model, and also a famous YouTuber is well known for the roles she played in television series like “Mani” and “Chicken Girls” that contributed to her fame.

As a YouTuber, Piper Rockelle uploaded funny videos on several social media platforms and her YouTube channel as well which gained her lots of followers on every social media platform. In the initial stages, before starting her vlogging accounts, she had modeled and competed in pageants which further pushed her to the public domain.

Piper Rockelle’s Youtube Channel has over 9 million subscribers and millions of views in total for all her videos and with over 4 million followers on Instagram and thousands on Twitter.

Piper Rockelle’s age is 15 years as of now as she was born on 21st August 2007 in the United States. She is among the three siblings who grew up mostly under their mother’s care. She loved and enjoyed several hobbies and activities like dancing, gymnastics, and singing and ran their own small cat-rescue home and saved about a hundred cats.

Is Piper Rockelle Pregnant?

Earlier, one of her YouTube videos showed that she was holding a pregnancy test kit that indicated pregnancy. The thumbnail made people wonder – Is Piper Rockelle pregnant? Not to break the bubble of many, but Piper is not pregnant. It is her mother Tiffany Smith who is pregnant and the biological father of the child is her present boyfriend.

She made a video of sneaking into the privacy of her mother and going through the things in her room to find something interesting. It was during that time that she found the pregnancy kit indicating pregnancy. The video was frowned upon by many viewers as they thought this was something private and should not be disclosed to the public in such an explicit manner.

However, some did not find it to be something very serious as Piper is her own daughter and had a habit of being open to the public and making a good amount of money out of it.

What happened to Piper Rockelle?

Seven months ago, which is in august of 2021, Rockelle and her friends were supposed to go to New York for seeing her Bill Board because of Covid’s restriction on travel. She also could not attend Ariana Grande’s concert as it got canceled because of Ariana’s Covid test coming out as positive.

However, things turned worse from the beginning of this year in 2022 wherein her mother Tiffany Smith had a lawsuit filed against her by the Piper squad members who were other teen members of Piper’s friend’s group. People have been asking “what did Piper Rockelle do?”, well, here’s the answer. She did not do anything against anyone per se, but her mom did not come clean.

Without a doubt, the squad has been broken down and is no longer called a squad. As an obvious result, the YouTube channel of Piper Rockelle got demonetized as the platform was against promoting any sort of alleged criminal or exploitation of young people.

Where is Piper Rockelle at the moment?

Some viewers and followers seem to be wondering – is Piper Rockelle still alive? Yes, she is alive and doing well except for her mother coming under serious scrutiny from the public and even celebrities like Pink, who accused Piper’s mother of exploiting her daughter by making money through her daughter’s popularity.

This incident took place last year when Piper uploaded a bikini picture on Instagram where she posed in a bikini in a swimming pool and ended up in a lot of criticism from the viewers as well as celebrities. Piper said that her mother was not behind any of her actions and it was by her own consent that she posed in such a manner.

As said by Piper, her mother was in no way involved in the pictures and was not the one who decided this for her. This does not negate the fact that Piper’s popularity, in turn, pushed her mother Tiffany’s popularity as well because of being the mother of a popular YouTube and television figure.

Did Piper Rockelle Quit YouTube? Why is She not Posting on YouTube?

Piper Rockelle’s last video was uploaded a few weeks ago where she said that she is going to be a big sister as her mother is expecting a new baby soon. After the video, there have been no updates yet from Piper regarding her routine uploads on her channel. There has been no confirmation, however, whether she is quitting YouTube. As the channel got demonetized, she is probably not very active but the channel is still active and has all her videos in it.