Jesse Watters, 43, is well known for being a political commentator for Fox News and is also a member of the conservative political party of New York. He is known for his appearance on various Fox News shows as a co-host including the talk show The O’Reilly Factor and being a part of the roundtable series The Five, which he joined in 2017.

Watters, the Philadelphia native graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, and just right after college, he started working for Fox News as a production assistant in 2002. Then he soon became a part of the Fox News show productions staff as he rose to rank and got to be the commentator for various political talk shows. Watters also has his own show by his name Watters World started in 2015 and Jesse Watters Primetime in 2022 where he appeared as the main host.


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Why was Jesse Watters in the Hospital?

On the popular weekday, roundtable talk show, The Five, host Watters was missing from the show who appeared on the show two weeks ago and has been gone since then. So what happened to him?

Many viewers also believed that he was suspended from the show for the recent of his controversial remark that he made about the ongoing trending “flat tire” controversy. He is known for being involved and arising controversies through his various talk shows and this time he has made another of his own controversies about his present wife. And right now this topic has become a trending Jesse Watters news. And as the commentator was not being seen after his flat tire remark on the talk show The Five, many thought he might have been suspended.

But the answer for him being out of the Fox News is because the commentator suffered from a back injury and hence was admitted to the hospital. But how did he get a back injury and was his injury severe?

How did Jesse Watters Hurt His Back?

Jesse Watters was missing from the Fox News show and which led to much curiosity among all of us. He was missing for about a week and he reappeared back on the show on Monday (25 April), in The Five episode, and when he was asked about his absence from the shows he said “I threw my back out,” and then an image of him appeared on the back screen, him lying on the hospital bed and he said,

“Look, there I’m!, I went to the emergency room.”

But  Watters hasn’t disclosed the cause of this back injury but he seems to have gone through some surgery for his injury and was taking some time off from his show schedule for getting a better rest from his back injury. So what about now? Where is Jesse Watters now?

Now moving back to his recent flat tire controversy. Let’s know exactly what this controversy is about.

The Flat Tire Controversy

Before Jessee was absent from the show he confessed something shocking about how he got together with his present wife Emma Digiovine. In The Five show of April 11, Watters confessed how he deflated the tire of his young colleague (who is now his wife) when he was trying to get her to go out with him, while he was still married to his first wife.

In the episode from the last two weeks, he confessed and said

“When I was trying to get Emma (Digiovine) to date me, the first thing I did, let the air out of her tires.”

Then he further added,

“She couldn’t go anywhere, she needed a lift”, and then he told his co-hosts that then he said to her “Hey you need a lift?” And that she got right into the car.

The news of their relationship was out in 2018 to the public and the company was informed of their dating in 2017 and soon the couple tied the knot.

Further, Watters claimed that the story had a “Happy ending” as he married Emma Digiovine in 2019 after his divorce from his first wife, with whom he has two daughters.

The show clip was removed from the broadcasting of that day as mentioned by The Five co-hosts Greg Gutfeld on Monday’s show (25 April). To this, Watters, who was not able to explain and comment on the ongoing controversy because of his injury said

“That was a joke, I never deflated anyone’s tires.”

Jesse Watters is now an important face of Fox News and he is known for anchoring various conservative political talk shows for the networks and regarding his recent controversy which he claimed to be a joke is not taken much seriously by many. Whether it is a joke or not is still an unknown fact for all of us but Watters in recent years is getting into the news for his controversial commentary, be it the Chinatown segment controversy of 2016 or the 2017 Ivanka Trump comments to another of his recent Anthony Fauci controversial comments.