Paris Hilton the famous Heiress Records founder has it all in her life from name to fame and she doesn’t need any introduction. She gained popularity through the reality television series The Simple Life starring alongside Nicole Richie.

Paris Hilton is known for being multitalented for successfully playing many roles not just in her acting career but having several roles in her real life. Yes, Hilton is not just good at playing multiple roles in her movies but she is a multi-talented artist with lots of capabilities. Hilton, apart from being an actress, is a businesswoman, fashion designer, DJ, film and television producer, model, and singer.

Did I miss something there on the list? Hope not. She is known for having lived a successful life showcasing many of her talents, we can see her multi-talent in the success she has shown the world throughout her life.


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What Happened to Paris Hilton during Her Childhood?

When Paris Hilton first released her documentary trailer before disclosing the whole story, many of us questioned, what really is the secret behind it? Was Paris Hilton kidnapped? But what she revealed is more terrifying.

Paris Hilton, there’s no doubt she is a hard-working person and we can see her hard work through the success she has lived her life but there was a shocking secret she kept hidden inside that she revealed recently in her YouTube documentary video about her youth.

The documentary, This Is Paris has shed light on the painful and traumatic experience Hilton has gone through. Paris was sent to the Provo Canyon Boarding School in Utah when she was 16, for her rebellious teenage behavior by her parents.

The documentary preview starts with Hilton being her usual fun carefree self but then slowly the part-turn to her childhood, “Something happened in my childhood that I have never talked about with anyone”, Paris starts talking about her traumatic past youth.  As she narrates, she said, “I wish I could bring a camera in my dream and show you what it’s like, it’s really terrifying”, when she talks about her nightmares.

She mentioned how it was for her to live there in fear and how much she wished to run out of there. She explained how the staff and the faculties worked there not to teach and help the student but to abuse them and control the student by igniting fear in them.

“And they were physically abusive”, as claimed by Hilton.

She left the boarding school after 11 months, after turning 18, and attended Dwight school afterward. She narrates the whole story about the incidents on her YouTube documentary channel This Is Paris released on 14 September 2020.


Hilton said that she knows how it feels to have gone through a situation like this in your youth and how it stays with you forever giving you nightmares. She also added how she still struggles with the past trauma from her boarding school and can’t sleep peacefully. She said how she has frequent dreams of two strangers entering her bedroom at night and kidnapping her forcefully and how she screamed for her parent’s help because of the trauma from the past.

So that’s why she wants to help all the other children that are suffering the same way at the hands of the faculties of the boarding school staff.

Paris in Support of the SB127

The SB127 bill was proposed by Sen. Mike Mckel, R. Spanish Fork to regulate and control the Utah Youth Treatment Centers. The bill put regulations and restrictions on not using cruel, harsh, and unusual practices over a child. It also restricts them from using humiliation and pain-induced punishment to comply with the students.

The proposal of the bill encouraged her to come out of her years-long distress as Paris shared her traumatic experience after so many years of keeping it hidden. And Paris also played a big role in letting the bill be approved by the legislation for her testimony through her documentary video.

Paris was also invited to join Gov. Spencer Cox for the ceremonial bill signing of the law passed under SB127.

Is Paris Hilton Pregnant?

Paris started dating her husband Carter Reum back in November 2019, and then the couple tied their knot in November 2021 after dating for about two whole years. Hilton has been seen talking about being a mom and about having her own family in various interviews since she started dating Reum and called him her “perfect match.”


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There was news in July 2021 where it claimed that Paris is pregnant and hoping for her first baby with Carter Reum. But Hilton denied the news but said that she is definitely trying for it. Hilton in an interview with Tamron Hall talked about freezing her eggs during the 2021 pandemic lockdown.

We don’t know for sure when we can exactly hear the good news from her but hope it will be very soon. Recently,  Paris Hilton and Carter Reum went for their seven-week long honeymoon where they started from the beautiful tropical island, Bora Bora of Tahiti, then we can see them enjoying a camel ride in Dubai.


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You can watch Hilton’s My Dream Honeymoon special episodes on Paris Hilton’s official YouTube channel.