Are you a fan of Orel Hershiser? Do you want to know about him? If so, this article is for you to get updated with the latest information about Orel Hershiser. So, keep reading this article to learn about the famous baseball pitcher and also find out what happened to Orel Hershiser in 2022?

Who is Orel Hershiser?

On September 16, 1958, Orel Hershiser took birth in Buffalo, New York. His parents were Orel Leonard III and Mildred Hershiser. Later his family moved to Detroit, Michigan. He lived in Michigan until he was 6 years old. Then, when he was 12 years old, he moved to Toronto, Ontario, with his family. He developed his interest in baseball when he was 12 years old.

He started his career as an American baseball pitcher. He was an active baseball player. He played all the 18 seasons of Major League Baseball tournament.

He remained active in this tournament between 1983 to 2000.

He embarked on the journey of playing baseball in his high school. After passing out of school, he participated in many minor baseball tournaments. But he hit his first major tournament with Dodger in 1983.

He was able to see a turning point in his career in 1988 when he created a record by completing 59 innings without a single run. In the same year, he has helped dodgers immensely to gain the championship that led him to get the ‘National League (NL) Championship Series Most Valuable Player’ title.

He was also awarded the ‘NL Cy Young Award’ and an ‘NL Gold Glove Award’. Later he was awarded one of the most prestigious awards, ‘MVP Award.’

Orel Hershiser dodger even got a nickname as called ‘Bulldog’ by former dodger manager, Tommy Lasorda.

Is Orel Hershiser Still with the Dodgers?

Hershiser took retirement from baseball in 2000. In 2002, he was appointed as Rangers’ pitching coach. Before that, he got adorned with ESPN analyst. In 2006 he again made a come-back to ESPN. He was also an analyst for the Network’s premier Sunday night baseball package.

Hershiser again left ESPN in 2014 and made his journey with Dodgers games. Besides being a successful baseball pitcher, he became a professional poker player. He learned the said game when he was in Nevada. Later Poker became his habit, and he started to play the game and became a pro at it.

Hershiser set out to play Poker Championship in 2008 and performed like a pro professional. But he lost the quarterfinals. Nevertheless, he received first and second-place awards in tournaments he played in 2016 and 2017.

Hershiser’s Net Worth

By winning the poker tournament, Hershiser received a $75 000 prize. He was able to earn a total amount of almost $100,000, although it is a minimal amount compared to his huge net worth.

If all the sources of income are combined, Hershiser’s net worth becomes $20 million. But, of course, he could collect much more net worth if he continued to play to date.

Why is Oral Hershiser not Announcing?

Joe Davis has been recommended to be in quarantine as he became coronavirus positive. As a result, he is no longer a part of SportsNet LA broadcasts. Since Hershiser also came into contact with Davis, he was also recommended to be in quarantine.

Now Tim Neverett will perform the duty and be accompanied by other analysts, and Dodger stadium will be used for road games.

Hershiser even had to miss Tommy Lasorda’s funeral ceremony due to being COVID positive. However, Hershiser always mentioned Lasorda, a father figure to him.

Now Dodger has decided to add four new names as announcers. In addition, Jessica Mendoza, who used to be a part of ESPN, has been made a road TV analyst spot.

Jose Meta has been made a part of English and Spanish broadcasts, and Karros will be part of TV games. In addition, Adrian Gonzalez, Karros, and Willis have been conferred with the responsibility of working at the studio.


With his extraordinary performance in baseball, Hershiser was able to attract his fans to the game. He was active in many other works besides playing the game. His performance still inspires many new baseball players.