The heart-wrenching incident of the Texas Robb Elementary School shooting on 24th May has become one of the most horrifying shooting incidents this year. The elementary school is located in the Uvalde city of South Texas with the majority of the population being Hispanic and the students belonging to economically challenging families. The school consisted of second to fourth-grade level students who are between ages 7 to 10.

Salvador Ramos Wiki: Who is Salvador Ramos?

Salvador Ronaldo Ramos born on 16th May 2004 in North Dakota was a resident of Uvalde, Texas. The 18-year-old went to Uvalde town High School and just celebrated his birthday on May 16, the same day he also bought a pair of military rifles.

He is the shooter of the Robb Elementary School shooting of May 24, 2022, who took the life of 21 innocent people and injured several others. During the shooting, the 18-year-old perpetrator was also shot and killed by the police force.

Ramos Shared Gun Pics on His Instagram

He also posted gun photos on his Instagram tagging another user whom he knew through the platform, a woman from LA. When he posted on 12 May, he also texted her to repost his post but she replied that it has nothing to do with her.

Then on the day of the shooting, he texted her again and said, “I’m about to”, and when she asked what he meant by it he replied that he will be letting her know before 11. Then in another of his texts he wrote, “I got a lil secret I wanna tell you”, to which she replied that he is scary and she doesn’t even know him properly and he went ahead and tagged her. Later she didn’t hear anything from him but she was horrified to get the news of what had happened.

After which she wrote to her Instagram saying that she is truly sorry for the victim’s families and that if she knew what he was actually planning to do she would have tried convincing him. She was also asked by one user if she is Ramos’s girlfriend but she denied it as she doesn’t even know him and she is not even from Texas. After the shooting incident, the authority verified Ramos’s Instagram and requested the parent company, Meta, to close his account.

Ramos’s Parents and Friends

One of his school friends also received pictures of guns from him and when he asked him why he’s having them, he said not to worry about anything. According to his friend, Ramos was used to being bullied in school because of his clothing and his parents’ financial problems which also led to him attending fewer classes and dropping out most of the time.

Then he took the job at Wendy and the shop manager mentioned him to be quiet and socially awkward. He worked there for almost a year.

The teenage shooter’s parents were shocked that he could carry out such a dreadful act, his parents described him as a serious man with a temper, who used to often talk back to his mother.

Is Salvador Ramos Transgender?

Just after the shooting, a photo assumed to be the Texas shooter Ramos, started spreading all over the internet claiming the shooter to be transgender. But the spreading photo belongs to a totally different trans individual who has nothing to do with the shooting, he even tried clearing the misleading information but there are still others who are spreading the misinformation.

The authorities and other users have requested to stop spreading the misleading information as it’s harming another innocent person and creating hatred toward the whole trans community.

Salvador Ramos Texas Shooting

The Texas shooting that took place on 24th May, on Tuesday, was started somewhere near 11:30 am when the shooter Salvador Ramos entered the school. The 18-year-old high schooler fatally wounded his grandmother before he took the black SVU and crashed it in front of the school. Before he entered the school he shot another city policeman who tried to stop him from entering the school building.

He was wearing all-black body armor and a backpack when he entered the school around 11:30. The shooting began a few minutes back. Ramos was seen with a handgun and military-style rifles which were said to be purchased by him during his 18th birthday on 16th May 2022 from a local gun store.

The shooting lasted till around 1:30 pm. More police forces arrived along with border patrol forces, after being informed about the shooting in the elementary school. The forces exchanged fire with shooter Ramos during which many police were injured and Ramos was shot and killed.

The Aftermath of the Shooting

Ramos’s victims in the school shooting were 19 children between ages 7 to 10 and two adults who were killed right on the spot, with many other students and adults who were injured, and were taken to the hospitals.

The shaken America after the incident offered their condolences, and president Joe Biden addressed the public about the Texas shooting later that evening, he said, “Tonight I ask the nation to pray for them, give the parents and siblings, the strength in the darkness they’re here right now.”

The citizens, activists, and victims families from other shooting incidents responded to the incident by saying that the victim’s families want their kid’s backs but not the politician’s thoughts and prayers. Others are condemning for not having stricter gun control measures in the nation which is leading to this kind of horrifying incident.

As Salvador Ramos died in the incident we will not be able to know why he conducted the shooting and what might be the reason for his mass killing, but the investigators are conducting their search for more information about the shooting and the shooter.