There is one guy in the dating show that caught everyone’s eye and that is Nathan Webb, a star of the second season of Too Hot To Handle. The reality dating show that aired on Netflix premiered in 2020 and has three seasons to date. The last season, that is, Too Hot To Handle season 3, aired in January 2022, and the winners have also been announced.

Nathan Webb was born in the United Kingdom and is a citizen of the UK but has been living in America. His career seems to have gotten a boost since his appearance on the popular reality show on Netflix and that’s probably the reason behind him not changing his place of residence any time soon.

Who is Nathan Webb from “Too Hot To Handle”? Here’re Some Wiki Facts about Him

Nathan Webb was born in 1993 and is 28 years of age as of now and worked as a model prior to coming on the reality show. Interestingly, he was also a stripper before he came to the show as he claimed, and had a rough patch going on in his private life as he separated from his former partner before he became a popular television personality.

His height is 6 ft and he loves dancing and modeling and also loves playing baseball. He has become a popular figure on social media platforms with followers as many as a few hundred thousand.

He keeps updating his fans frequently on his life events. He revealed his excitement on his social media pages when he joined the second season of the show and was also liked by most fans.

Nathan Webb’s Baby

In January 2022, Nathan and his girlfriend Kayleigh Rock took to Instagram to announce the birth of their first child, a baby daughter. Kayleigh could not contain her joy and happiness over the fact that she finds the baby to be perfect.

During his time on the reality show, he paired up with Larissa Trownson who is from New Zealand and seemed to have been going strong initially as they both strived to win but things didn’t work out as we expected and they both ended things.

They looked like they saw each other as friends rather than romantic partners and probably have a strong friendship regardless. After the show ended, Nathan revealed that he left Kayleigh rock before he debuted on the show and had regrets regarding their breakup. He goes on to say that leaving her was one of the worst mistakes he made in his life and he wanted to make things work between them once he realized that he is meant to love someone for the long term instead of hurting them.

One of the reasons for his bad treatment towards his partners, he said, was his divorce from his marriage which he had prior to appearing on the Netflix show as it was painful for him and found it difficult to get over. Nathan Webb’s ex-wife is someone whose name he didn’t mention, as he wants to enjoy the present and not want to recall his past.

During the show, Nathan and one of his co-stars Carly Lawrence were thought to be dating which turned out to not be true as he called her his “sister” and that she was someone who taught him to be a caring person which was helpful as he became a father.

“Too Hot To Handle season 3”: Nathan and Holly

The two rebellious participants of the third season of the popular reality dating show cost the entire group $120,000 for breaking the rules as they engage in physical intimacy which is a rule breaker of the show.

Nathan was sent home from the show as he was considered the one who had more disregard for the rules of the show in spite of not having done the rule-breaking things alone.

Holly and Nathan seem to have had a good connection on the show and said they would probably continue the connection off-screen as well.

Are Nathan and Holly Still Together?

Currently, they are not together as they announced their split on social media, as Nathan claimed on the show that he is commitment-phobic and keeps his distance as soon as things get serious between him and a girl, while Holly said she is truly in love with him.

In spite of all this, the two share posts of each other with their pictures and videos on their social media pages and seem to still have a connection. Fans accused them of faking it all for fame, but we never know what might be the deal.