Halle Berry met Gabriel in 2005 and gave birth to her first child in 2008, who they named Nahla Ariela Aubry. Halle Berry and Gabriel split two years after their daughter’s birth in 2010 and have been fighting for her custody ever since which gained massive media attention.

The couple seemed to have had an ugly end to their relationship with all kinds of alleged fights and dramas revolving around their past and personal choices and alleged verbal abuses. Gabriel filed for joint custody of their daughter Nahla and eventually won the custody and has been living with her ever since.

As a result, Halle Berry pays a fixed monthly amount for child support but feels the amount she is paying is too high. She accused her former partner of using the amount given to him for his own interest rather than using it generously for their daughter’s education and lifestyle as the amount, she feels, is way beyond the monthly requirement of their daughter.

Halle Berry’s Daughter Now

Nahla Ariela Aubry today is a 14-year-old teenager as she celebrates her 14th birthday on 17th March 2022. Halle Berry posted on social media wishing her daughter where she says she is immensely grateful for her daughter being born to her which she felt is the best gift she ever got. Nahla spends most of her time with her father post her parents’ split as her father won custody of her.

Nonetheless, her mother Halle is always supportive of her and spends time with her whenever possible. As Nahla Ariela Aubry’s custody is with her father, he takes care of her private schooling and maintains her lifestyle which is paid for by her mother Halle Berry.

She lost the custody of her daughter to Gabriel in 2012 and has been fighting for sole custody ever since. The Canadian supermodel Gabriel Aubry, who is mostly known as being the former partner of Halle Berry is currently single and is focused on his daughter’s upbringing.

Hake Berry accused her ex-boyfriend and the father of her first child, Gabriel, of using racial words against her during their fights and said their daughter should not be considered a child of mixed race. She also revealed to the media his past wherein he confided in her about his past relationship with one of his relatives which she says, was a major factor in the lessening of their intimacy and eventually affected their relationship.

Gabriel was asked about this revelation of his former partner regarding his private details and said that she should not have made such intimate details of him public. He says he wants to solve the court issues and their personal matters in private instead of using the media as a tool to further her own interest and agenda.

Gabriel believes that making such intimate details public will eventually harm their daughter’s upbringing and affect her overall mental health when she gets to hear all this in public.

Where is Halle Berry’s Daughter Nahla Now?

Halle Berry’s daughter Nahla now is with her father but often spends time with her mother as they have joint custody for now. Halle Berry is still fighting legal battles with her former partner for sole custody of her daughter and the case is ongoing. Recently, she managed to get her plea for reducing the amount of child support she gives to Gabriel in half of what she had been paying these past years.

Halle Berry’s Kids: Nahla and Maceo

Halle Berry has two children from two former partners; the elder child Nahla from Gabriel and Maceo from a French actor Olivier Martinez whom she met on the sets of a film they did together and dated from then on.

During her relationship with her then-husband Olivier, she decided to move to her husband’s homeland in France with Nahla. Unfortunately for her, the court did not allow her to take her daughter along as this would hinder the joint custody she had of her daughter with her former partner.

The couple parted ways in 2015 and filed a divorce but share joint custody of their son Maceo. They still try and make arrangements to have time to spend with their son alternatively and seem to be adjusting well to their son’s needs for both the parents.

Is Nahla Ariela Aubry Married?

Nahla is a teenager of 14 years and is not married as of now. Her parents seem to be supportive of her, however, at present, she is focused on her education and spending time alternatively with her father and mother.