Who doesn’t know about the Jackass Franchise that has been running since the 2000s and is still as popular as ever? The stunt reality show gained popularity and wide viewers for its entertaining and hilarious stunts and pranks, the stunt members of the cast crew play at one another, and its rare cringe black comedy. What makes the show very peculiar from other shows, is its feature of proud masculine nudity and its various BDSM plays that have never been taken as a subject in other shows.


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Within this franchise, we can’t forget one of the casts of the show Chris Pontius, who is well known for his various ridiculous and daring stunts in the show. Mostly goes by his popular nickname party boy, which is about him stripping down himself almost to nothing but his pouch thong and a bowtie and dancing anywhere he feels like to party.

Concept of Homosexuality and the LGBTQ Community

Why do we don’t want the Jackass Franchise to not end anytime soon? And the answer is the show’s positive masculinity which is one of the main subjects of the show, and the good news for the Jackass fans is that it has recently added a new Jackass movie to its franchise called Jackass Forever, which was released in February 2022. Another thing about the show is it’s one of the pride for the LGBTQ community, especially for the homosexual and queer community.  

Even though now the society welcomed all kinds of gender and sexuality and have considered the community equal to others, there is still hidden discrimination towards them which can’t be seen by all but those who actually feel the pain of it are the LGBTQ community. 

Many are out there in various parts of the world who want to come out and accept their true self but are unable and fear society. And for these kinds of issues and problems, shows like Jackass acts like a shield and motivates them to be true to themselves, and help them accept their true sexuality. 

The show may seem to be absurd and ridiculous but the meaning it carries within these pranks is lots more value-based to the society. As the Jackass casts from Johnny Knoxville, Steve O, Eric Endre to Chris Pontius have performed various stunts and pranks related to homosexuality, queer, and masculine positivity through nudity. The bromance they have with one another and the various sadomasochism play they perform from anal play to nipple and testicle torture are all part of the subtext for the gayish things. 

They brought this context as something funny and comedic but it has a deep meaning for the gay people and they want the society to be more respectful to the minority and free of homophobia. Along with its gay context, it has also shown the beauty of masculinity through its nudity and the cast’s appearance in just thongs in the public, walking around, which provokes the concept of positive masculinity and body positivity. 

Apart from its man’s pride concept, it has also included the subtext of the queers, another part of the show that we love. And we can’t forget the bunny lifeguard of Chris Pontius and how he was always there for a new queer concept blending it with masculinity.

Is Chris Pontius Gay?

There have been many who have doubts over the Jackass cast Chris Pontius’s sexuality. So what could it be, is he gay or perhaps bisexual? The rumors seem to be there from the beginning of the show, because of the cast’s homosexual concept and the bromance involved between them but what is the truth behind it.

Jackass may have concepts relating to homosexuality but what is interesting about the show is none of the cast members are gay or neither bisexual. The same goes for Pontius, who is married and even got a child. 

So, who is Chris Pontius married to? 


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The actor dated his first wife, Claire Nolan when started with his hit Jackass in the early 2000s and soon tied their knot but they separated in 2013. He then met his present wife Mae Quijada just after his divorce and the couple has a child together, born in 2019.