Erika Alexander is famous for her acting skill. She is also a writer, producer, entrepreneur, and activist. Erika is famous for her role on various shows and was also honored with many awards and accolades for her outstanding role on various shows.

Erika tries to maintain some secrecy regarding her private life. As a result, very few facts about her private life come to light. So, does Erika Alexander have a child? Many fans of this actress are curious about it. So let’s dig into a bit of detail to find out the answer for it.

Early Life of Erika Alexander

In Winslow, Arizona, Erika was born to Robert and Sammie Alexander on November 19, 1969. She grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona and spent her 11 long wonderful years. Later she moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania along with her family.

Erika Alexander completed her graduation at Philadelphia High School for girls. Just after her graduation, she decided to make her career in acting.


After completing her graduation, Alexander joined the six-week acting class, and in the fifth week, she got a chance to play a significant role in the movie that marked her debut. Alexander appeared in the independent drama titled My Little Girl for the first time in 1986. Her role as Pam Tucker on the Cosby Show made her popular amongst her fans. She was also  showered with love by her fans for her role in Living Single.

Besides, she also worked in the ABC comedy-drama series Going to Extremes, based on a group of American students at a medical school. She received many awards and accolades, including two NAACP image awards for being an outstanding actress in a comedy series.

Besides many films and TV series, Alexander also performed in the play The Forbidden City. Alexander also got the offer to be a guest actor on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Half and Half, ER, Criminal Minds, House, Suits, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Erika also had talent and skill in writing. She wrote science fiction along with her ex-husband Tony Puryear. Alexander was also able to create an important mark on her career by playing the recurring role as Carol Larabee, Mike and Vanessa’s neighbor in a comedy series titled Last Man Standing that was featured in the ABC from 2012 to 2015. However, Tisha Campbell-Martin replaced her in the seventh season.

Alexander was actively involved in the campaign for Hillary Clinton during the 2018 Democratic Party primary.

Personal Life of Erika Alexander

Very few facts are available about the personal life of Erika Alexander due to her unwillingness to share about her personal life. However, if we shed light on her married life, Erika Alexander’s ex-husband is Tony Puryear. They had been married for twenty years and got divorced in 2017.

Tony got the chance to be a screenwriter for action films including Eraser, Arnold Schwarzenegger/ Vanessa Williams, etc. Since Tony Puryear grew up in a black neighborhood, he said he was black but Tony is more like ‘half white and half black.’

Although Erika Alexander had been divorced for some time now, there is no news about her boyfriend. She has been known as single since then.

Erika Alexander’s Kids

Although Alexander was married to Puryear for twenty long years, they did not have any kids. There have been many speculations about not having kids. There may be many reasons. However, since Erika disclosed very few things about her personal life, it is difficult to say anything confidently.

Still, according to some secret sources, not having children was their decision as they did not want to become parents but wanted to focus on careers. There was also a rumor that the couple planned to raise children by adoption. But no further details have been disclosed regarding this.

Although the couple was happily married for two decades, no more facts were available regarding Erika Alexander’s Kids since she disclosed only tiny things about her private life. But it was apparent from their lifestyle that both Alexander and Puryear were happy even without children. That may also be why they did not feel the importance of a child in their lives.


From the above discussion, you know that Alexander does not have any children. She has neither revealed any interest in adopting a child. No further information about her personal life has been disclosed until now since her divorce in 2017. Therefore any assumption regarding Erika Alexander’s Kids will not bring anything essential details.