The Star of Teen Mom:2, Briana DeJesus, a mom of two, and her now ex-fiancé Javi Marroquin, met in 2017 and things between them took no time to take off. The reality show features a lot of what went on between the couple and how things started and ended.

First of all, let us see how it all began. Javi met Briana in 2017 and has featured in the reality show since then, alongside Briana. Their relationship took off fast and Briana and Javi began their dating phase; Javi proposed to her soon after and she accepted.

Javi revealed that he proposed to her way too soon in spite of being warned by his sister about the pace of the progress of his relationship. Hence, things had to go south not much later. Prior to having started a relationship with Briana, Javi had a relationship with Kailyn Lowry who is also Briana’s co-start in the reality show.

Are Javi and Briana Still Together?

Sadly, for the fans wondering, Briana and Javi are no longer together. This is not a surprise as the exes of Javi who star on the reality show have revealed certain dynamics with the hunk that will probably shock the viewers and fans of the show.

The break-up of Briana and her fiancé Javi is not the only highlight of the show. Prior to that, he was linked with Briana’s nemesis Kailyn Lowry. Both the ladies have revealed that certain conversations and actions of Javi signaled his desperation to be on the show.

Lowry said that once she had a conversation with Javi wherein she asked if he was with her for the fame, to which he replied “Oh absolutely. A hundred percent!”. After his breakup with Lowry, he starts off his relationship with Briana and this is where the accusations against him show some proof of his desperation for fame and screen-time.

The same manner of accusation also comes from his recent ex, Briana. She and Javi had previously adopted a dog named Bubba, for which they paid equally. After their break-up, he seems to keep using Bubba for reimbursement of the amount he paid for the dog’s adoption post their break-up.

DeJesus seems to be realizing now about his possibly-ill intentions behind dating the two stars of the reality show. She claims that Javi is using Bubba as a means to keep contact with DeJesus for his own interests.

As pieces of information about the personal lives of the actors with their common ex and their dynamic with him keep unfolding with time, we also can suspect that Javi was two-timing DeJesus during the end days of their relationship.

This rumor comes after the revelation made by Javi on 30th May 2018, that he and Lauren Comeau were expecting a baby. The odd timing of the revelation, as it was just weeks after his breakup with Briana, led people to believe that he was romantically involved with her while still not having officially ended the relationship with Briana.

As of now, their relationship with each other does not seem to be cordial as Briana has expressed her disinterest in her former flame and says she is glad that she is no longer in his life.

Interestingly, Briana and Javi inked matching tattoos on their body while they had just started their relationship. After he got together with Lauren Comeau, he inked a new tattoo over the old one which was matching with his ex’s. This new tattoo inked over the old one was for his anniversary with Lauren.

How is Briana doing Today?

Briana at present seems to be in a happy state with her new boyfriend Javi Gonzalez, her recent fiancé with whom she is presently not romantically involved but says that she has no problem in being together again years later when she is ready for marriage.

After eight months of dating, the reality star announced on social media that she and Gonzalez are engaged. But this did not last long as she says she has many other things to do in life before she decides to settle and is currently single.