The Orsk ship is a landing ship that can carry thousands of tons of arms and ammunition as well as military tanks and vehicles and also fighter troops. It is used for military purposes and is also called a warship. Russia owned one of these that was used in the ongoing fight with Ukraine but was sunk by their enemy troops.

The Russian landing ship, which was meant to supply cargo and military equipment to the Russian troops, was near Mariupol when it received the sudden strike by the Ukrainian navy.

The port was occupied by the Russians during the war and had several other ships docked. To the Russian’s shock, there were soon black plumes of smoke and fire emerging from the dock in the early hours of the day.

There were several explosions heard as the ship was carrying tons of military equipment including grenades, arms, and ammunition. As the Russian army is devastated at the sight of the loss they suffered, the Ukrainians are having a boost of morale as they see their enemy having a lag.

Ukraine Reaches a Step Ahead after Destroying the Russian Orsk Ship

The Russian Orsk was given the name by Ukraine’s armed forces in their Facebook post after they successfully destroyed the landing ship. The Ukraine Armed forces also have claimed to destroy two other ships along with the Orsk while the type of weapons used for the attack is not clear.

The British Ministry of Defence said that the Ukraine force has managed to destroy a high-value asset of the Russian Forces in the Russian-occupied area and hopes the Ukrainians will continue to do so.

Pictures emerged on social media of the burning naval vessel and the Ukraine supporters are overjoyed at the successful attempt of the Ukrainian troops.

It was reported previously by the Russian Ministry of Defense that the large naval vessel Orsk was the first warship of the Russian Federation to enter the Russia-occupied Berdyansk that was supplying necessary equipment to the Russian force and also supplied thousands of armed troops.

Russia’s Movement after the Loss of the Warship

The loss of the naval vessel is a huge setback for Russia as occupying the port had opened up new opportunities for the Black Sea Fleet to use the infrastructure for their operation during the war. The Russians occupied the port during the initial stage of the war which was about three days after the war first started on 27th February.

The Russian Navy is devastated by the loss. Russia launched an attack on the seaport and its coastal city from the sea of Azov with a group of approximately seven ships.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry says that although they cannot give an exact estimate of the amount of loss Russia suffered, the operation has been successful and is paramount to boosting the morale of the Ukrainian troops. After the explosion of one of the most important Russian military assets, three other smaller ships were sailed away to avoid further damage as two of them had already caught fire.

The flames spread from the site of the explosion to a nearby 3000-tonne fuel tank which was placed at an ammunition depot. Ukraine seems to have been successful in cutting off a huge source of supply which was a major means of reinforcing and resupplying the Russian troops during the ongoing war.

Pictures of the ship engulfed in flames and smoke emerged on social media from Ukraine’s armed forces page and the netizens were quick to comment on the destruction of the warship.

The netizens are divided on the war as some support Ukraine while others are questioning the Western countries’ stance on the invasion of third world countries by the USA and have pointed out the seeming hypocrisy of the West. Ever since the attack on Ukraine began, people all over the world have either supported Ukraine or Russia’s reasons for not allowing NATO to expand further into eastern Europe which largely belonged to the former USSR.

Russia warned NATO that if it tried to expand further into eastern Europe then it would be forced to launch an attack on its enemy including the country that wants to join NATO, that is, Ukraine, although few other countries that were before part of the USSR are already members of NATO.

The month-long war has inflicted heavy loss on both countries and will continue for as long as the war goes on. There has been news from Ukraine and Russia that they will soon negotiate and bring the war to an end, but so far, no good bargain seems to be available for either of the countries.