The Dancing With The Stars winner Julianne Hough has been in the spotlight ever since she joined the dance show in 2007 and gave excellent performances that kept the fans’ eyes glued to her as she won two seasons of the show and also won everyone’s heart with her professional dancing skills.

She and her brother Derek Hough are hosting a special show on dance numbers that have a hint of theatrical touch to it as it combines the elements of dance with a Hollywood cinematic theme that will mainly focus on classic songs and drama. The show premiered on 20th march on ABC but will also be airing on other channels as well and has since kept the viewers hooked to watching more of the special themes that are to come.

While she is known for her amazing dancing skills and choreography, this has only led to fans wondering about her personal life further. People are curious to know about the intimate details of the dancing star such as her love life, specifically her sexuality, and whether she is currently dating anyone.

The dancer is said to have revealed the detail about her sexuality wherein she stated that she was bisexual, which means that she is likely to have a male partner in spite of having been ever linked to a girl previously. Julianne Hough’s partner with whom she met in 2013 and had known for almost ten years now, has a cordial relationship with him as they do not have anything negative to say about each other except for being supportive of each other’s decisions.

Is Juliane Married?

She married Brooks Laich in 2017 who is a hockey player and filed for divorce in 2020 as both the former partners revealed in interviews about them exploring their sexuality ever since they had been together. Brooks told in the interview that since his wife revealed to him about her own sexuality and that, she was ‘not straight’, he said he was kind of astounded by this revelation and has been exploring his own sexuality ever since.

However, he has not specified his sexuality but said that he is on the path of exploration and that, sexuality is not specifically about being a gay or a lesbian but something beyond that and needs to be understood well by the individual who is on the path of knowing themselves better.

Julianne was diagnosed with endometriosis which made it difficult for her to get pregnant as this condition affects the fertility of women. She talked about the short but difficult phase of having to deal with the dilemma of being accepted with the way she is regarding her sexuality and sexual choices or she would not be loved by her husband as he did before.

After the former partners were open about their decision to split, they did so on a note of supportive words for each other and had the best wishes for one another.

Is Julianne Hough Lesbian?

Hough seems to have first revealed her sexuality to her then-husband Laich who, she said, was surprisingly supportive of her and eventually would himself be interested in exploring his own sexuality. Is Julianne Hough gay? This is one question people had in mind ever since she revealed her sexuality.

She says that she is bisexual which does not mean she is specifically a lesbian, rather she wants to be free with choosing the right partner for herself instead of being restricted by the gender of the person. She says that after marriage she had a transformation that made her look into her own self and discover what she truly wants as an individual as well as from her partner.

Who is Julianne Hough Dating Now?

There has been a string of men with whom Julianne had a relationship and as of now, the professional dancer has not revealed about the person she is dating right now out in the open. But the paparazzi have caught something interesting going on with Julianne regarding her private affairs.

The star was seen getting cozy and engaging in PDA with a man in Los Angeles last year in October of 2021. The man was identified as Charlie Wilson who is a model currently based in New York and is alleged to be Julianne’s new boyfriend but interestingly, is not very active on social media as he does not hold any official account for media and the public and therefore, his personal information are not available as of now.