When we have an unfortunate event in life it’s not the end of everything but we have to stay strong to take our life journey to a more progressive one. This is what we have learned from the Chisholm family who faced a tragic incident in their life but they keep trying their best in taking care of everything. They didn’t lose their hope and faith and kept doing their best for their twins who were almost drowned in an indoor pool. Let’s see how the family and the twins doing today,

What Happened to Levi and Lainey?

The unfortunate incident took place on Thanksgiving day on 28 November 2020, in Zionsville, Indiana, when the Chisholm family was out for a celebratory dinner party at their friend’s house. The family twins Levi and Lainey, both 2, with all the other kids, were playing in a different room in the evening while the elders had their dinner in a separate room.

Then later when they looked for them, the twins were found in the pool of the house drowning, and they immediately did CPR on them. After the CPR Lainey was able to regain her consciousness but it was hard in Levi’s case, it took much longer for them to get his breathing. Scott the twin’s father said, “We were able to resuscitate Lainey there, so we knew that you know, her progress was gonna be better because it took us a little bit longer to get Levi’s heartbeat back.”

Then later both the toddler was taken to a children’s hospital were they able to save both their lives, Lainey recoup much faster without any injuries and was discharged on December 6 of the same year. But Levi suffered from an anoxic brain injury which caused a deficiency of oxygen to the brain causing a lack of proper brain functioning.

How did Levi and Lainey almost Drown?

The Chisholm family apart from the twin Levi and Lainey Chisholm, have two older kids namely their elder son Connor 7, and Charley 6, who are residents of Zionsville Indiana. The Chisholm described themselves as a very happy family who always goes out on special occasions to have proper family times.

On that day too the family went out to hang out with their friends and their family and enjoyed a fun afternoon swimming in the pool with the kids, and later the kids were up playing while they were enjoying their dinner.

They found them in the pool almost drowning. They had no idea how they got inside the pool and for how long they had been inside. It was a terrifying memory for the whole family. They were all in a state of panic but able to stay strong and did what was needed most at the moment and immediately called the ambulance.

Light for Levi and Lainey

This is a non-profit organization the Chisholm family created during the time when they faced the tragic event in their life, later joined by many more from their community and supported by other agencies. The main aim of the organization is to help all other children like Levi who are suffering from serious brain injury by providing them with financial support and giving them access to other resources and advocacy.

Another main motive of the foundation apart from materialistic support is the emotional and spiritual support of hope, faith, and trust, which has helped the Chisholm family to keep moving forward and do their best in every way possible to help their son recover without losing their hope, faith, and trust.

Meagan Chisholm, the mother, said, “I don’t think anybody could survive a tragedy like this without their faith.” She said that they turned to god and prayers were the only way for them to keep going and to help search for light for Levi.

The foundation organized its first charity events including the golf outing, and an auction campaign, and hosted a dinner event collaborating with Wahlburgers in Carmel, the events were a huge success with the raised donation of over $ 75,000.

Apart from the foundation Megan Chisholm also has an online community Facebook page of the same name where she shares her family journey through the hard times and keeps all members of the online community updated about the progress of her children.

How is Levi doing Today?

Levi, another one of the twins who went through a tragic incident survived but his health wasn’t in perfect shape. He suffered from an anoxic brain injury. This injury led to a deficiency of oxygen supply in the brain which then gives rise to many other health problems from vision problems, seizures to lack of sensory perceptions, and difficulties speaking.

Unfortunately, Levi can’t speak, or walk, and has seizures. Though he was able to survive the life-threatening moment, his journey to regain his better health is still in progress. During this one year of his health progress journey, he has made a lot more improvement in his health as mentioned by his mother.

She has noticed that her son who used to grip tight his fist all the time and couldn’t straighten his bent legs was always in an uneasy state now seems calmer and happier and no longer clenching his fist and is able to move his leg much properly.

Along with his mother, he also has a home nurse and therapist taking care of him in every way possible which is leading to much better progress in his health, and his parents and everyone else is hoping to see him in a much better state very soon.