The Lost Girls trailer that aired on YouTube begins wherein the authorities and the parents of the ‘lost girl’ in the movie discuss the possibility of their daughter being kidnapped and sold on an online website. There was a movie with a similar name that started off as a mini-series that aired on Netflix in 2020 and was based on a book called Lost Girls: An Unsolved Mystery American Mystery written by Robert Kolker.

We can say that The Lost Girls Lifetime movie was inspired by the Netflix Movie/ series and has been an extended version, plus, while the previous mini-series had been directed from the perspective of the parents, the latest version has been directed from the viewpoint of the girls who were trafficked.

Such movies have played an important role when it comes to making the public aware of the illegal businesses that take place right at the center of society and often go unnoticed. The kidnapping of girls is often overlooked stating them as run-away cases and is dismissed by the authorities because of not having enough evidence of the girls being kidnapped and trafficked.

The previous 2020 movie has been based on a real-life trafficking case of Shannan Gilbert who was a sex worker that went missing followed by her mother’s desperate attempts to find her daughter. In the movie, the mother of the missing sex worker is relentlessly looking for her daughter who was known to have last been on an island called Long Island near New York City.

The movie revolves around the real girl Shannon Gilbert and the serial killer known as the ‘Long Island Serial Killer’ who is also believed to have killed several other girls out of whom a few were s*ex workers as they were an easy target. As the single mother searches for her daughter, she discovers that many other girls have been murdered on that island whose cases were unresolved and is determined to contact the families and make the authorities continue the investigation of the girls that have been murdered.

The real-life case of Shannan Gilbert is still a mystery as in, the serial killer has not been found to date so the movie did not focus on the sex-trafficking ring as much as it did on the poor mother’s effort in giving justice to her daughter and the rest of the girls who have been neglected by the ignorant authorities.

The trailer of the movie The Lost Girls Lifetime movie 2022 also reveals the basic storyline wherein we see that the girl was set up by her boyfriend who is secretly working for a sex-trafficking ring and forcefully pushes the girl into the illegal business.

The rebellious teenager named Annie is approached by a guy named Mario who fools Angie into thinking he is interested in her and makes her his girlfriend, only to take her to his boss to be trafficked along with several other girls. While trapped by the sex trafficker the girls face severe abuses and atrocities like rape, sexual abuse, and torture by the clients and the boss alike.

After making several attempts to escape, she finally manages to do that but is haunted by the fact that there are many other girls who are still stuck in the sex-trafficking ring and need to be free. Angie and the authorities need to find the girls and save them before it’s too late. The thriller movie will release on 26th march on Lifetime Channel and the fans have been waiting since the release of the trailer.

“The Lost Girls 2022”: Cast and Crew

The names of The Lost Girls cast have been released and the movie stars Olivia D’Abo as Angie’s mother, Randall Batinkoff as Angie’s father Dan, Jane Widdop as Angie Morgan, and Dylan Sprayberry as Mario alongside Anthony Montgomery as the cop, and Julia Verdin as the director of the movie. The audience awaits the thriller movie and as the movie from which it was inspired was critically acclaimed and also both the movies have been based on real events.