Frank Fritz from American Pickers gained attention from the media since his sudden disappearance from the show during season 21, after March 2020, and hasn’t been seen since then in the show.

The hit reality show on the History network started airing in 2010 and has a number of fans for its fascinating and interesting collections of unique antiques all around the US.

So Fritz, who has been the co-host of the show along with his partner Mike Wolfe since the start of the show and both the treasure collectors are an interesting pair which makes their antique treasure hunting more engrossing. So what happened to Frank Fritz? Let’s get the details of what’s going on.


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Frank Fritz Today: Where is Frank Fritz?

Fritz, 56, is living in his Lowa farmhouse and is doing well without the show, as we have seen in the past few years he has been through a lot, from his various health issues including his back surgery to his alcohol addiction. He had his hand full with his personal life and so he had to take a break from the show but his break caused him to leave the show.

So how is he doing now after leaving American Pickers?

He seems to be enjoying his life as he wants now and doing what he wants. The first thing we noticed in Fritz is his surprising weight loss since his last appearance on the show and after his long health struggle. He has lost about 65 pounds which is very impressive and he seemed more healthy and better, at which he said,

“The weight loss is me watching what I’m eating so I can keep my diseases under control the best I can.”

So Fritz is doing what he can to improve his past lifestyle by changing what he eats and what he does, which has helped him to see changes in his life in a positive way.

Along with his weight loss, he also quit drinking and hasn’t been drinking for nearly a year, which is also another reason for his impressive weight loss. As he has been an addict and even went to rehab and did everything to improve and his hard work paid off and Fritz today seems to be living a much better lifestyle.

What is Frank Fritz doing Now?

Now that’s all about his health improvements but what is he doing apart from maintaining his perfect lifestyle? After the show, Fritz is back to maintaining his own antique shop called Frank Fritz Finds located in Savanna, Illinois where he keeps a variety of antique treasures he has gathered over many years. The shop also comes with a bar and a restaurant where travelers can come chat and rest and also look around for interesting finds.

What Happened to Frank Fritz?

We saw Fritz last time in March 2020 in the show but after that, the host disappeared from the show, and later the news of his back surgery was revealed, another worrisome news for the fans again.

The show host has gone through a back spinal surgery in 2020 after his last appearance on the show and had to fix his spinal bone with rods for which he gets 185 stitches. He has been suffering from back pains for many years but was neglecting it. So as the pain became severe he went through the surgery which caused him to go into a long hiatus from the show.

Apart from the surgery, Fritz is also having a years-long battle with Crohn’s disease, which has no cure to this day, it comes anytime it wants causing a crapshoot without any warning.

Apart from his health issues the host has suffered from his personal matters, the host has been addicted to alcohol and he said that he has taken more into alcohol because of his breakup with his ex-fiance, who caught him cheating and called off their relationship. To which he said,

“I tried to drink her away.”

Why did Frank Fritz Leave “American Pickers”?

With many things happening in his life he seems to be absent from the show and taking some time to himself. During an interview with The Sun, Fritz said that he wanted to return to the show as he’s been doing it for 11 years now, but the show didn’t provide him with an answer for returning.

Fritz said that the showrunner did call him on his birthday in 2020 and told him they will contact him but never contacted him. Then soon the show announced that it will not be featuring Fritz anymore in American Pickers. The producers think that the show has been doing fine during the time Fritz was absent so they might not consider bringing him back.

Then later his co-host Mike Wolfe posted on his Instagram confirming Fritz’s exit, saying,

“I will miss Frank just like all of you, and I pray for the very best and all good things for him on the next parts of his journey.”

Fritz seems to be in a feud with Wolfe for an unclear reason which was not revealed but he said that he hadn’t talked to him for two years and neither Wolf called him during his hiatus from the surgery.

He also admitted that it would be difficult for them to perform well in the show because of the cold war going on between them and hence Fritz left the show for good.