The news of  Supreme DJ’s death left the fans shocked as they have gathered on social media posts to pay tribute to the artist. The close friends and family members have been said to be devasted by the news and sources claim his friends and families want to have some privacy at the moment. Surprisingly, the cause of Supreme’s death has been revealed neither by the authorities nor by his family and close friends.

The American artist’s death came as a huge blow to his fans as they are upset with the news and also the fact that the exact cause of his death has not been made public yet and have not been given any details, whether it was a physical ailment, or was it a car accident which many people have been speculating lately. This recent news needs more digging to do as not many sources have been available so far.

How did Supreme DJ Die?

We do not know if the cause of his death will ever be made public or will it remain a mystery forever. A close friend of Supreme, Tayler Holder took to Instagram  to announce the demise of his friend and shared a heartbreaking note for his friend and the fans. Some say Supreme DJ had a car accident that resulted in his immediate death.


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However, there has been no confirmation of this alleged report so far and all we can do is wait for any confirmation of this cause from any of the authorities involved in the investigation as well as his family and friends. He was a treasured friend and an inspirational artist and entrepreneur who was an idol for many.

His friends and fans expressed grief and loss of the popular figure who could have achieved so much in the years to come. It was apparent that Supreme was not suffering from any illness, or at least there was no such news of him going through some physical ailment that could lead to his death. For this reason, the netizens are speculating that some sort of accident must have been the cause of his death.

The fresh news of his death did not bring about too many details revolving around his death, although, his friends and fans have been filling their social media pages by paying tribute and condolences to him and praying for his family and friends who have lately suffered a huge loss.

He was not someone who let out a lot of details of his personal life to the media and on his social media pages, but he sure had fans and friends who adored and admired him.

Supreme DJ passed away on 29th March 2022, according to the timing of the news and his friends’ posts.

Supreme DJ’s Achievements

Supreme DJ’s real name was Fahro Aman and he was a musical artist by profession and also had a clothing line that was inspired by Massive Attack which includes jerseys, hoodies, shirts, and more. It released a line featuring art by the late Daniel Johnston and teamed up with shoegaze pioneers My Bloody Valentine for a range of apparel last year in 2021.

Along with creating musical art, Supreme was also interested in fashion and used several other artists for his inspired clothing line. Supreme was a California-based artist and was a rising star in the music industry. He was known as the King of Lazy Drip for his amazing skill at Lazy Drip.

He was a steadily-rising star with several albums launched like Supreme Legacy 2.0 in 2018 and DJ Supreme vs DJ Nemesis in 2019. He also had several singles launched named Smoke Ma Dope Rhymes, Soulful, etc.

For all we know about Supreme from news outlets and social media platforms, he was a winner of Grammy two times for his genre of music style, Lazy Drip. As he made a mark in the music industry, we wish we could see and hear more of his music that inspired hundreds and thousands of young people who looked up to him as a source of inspiration and an idol in the music industry.