The popular television personality Tetona Jackson has been in news ever since her debut on the popular sitcom airing on ABC since 7th April in 2021 and has two seasons so far with 23 episodes in total.

Tetona Jackson from Home Economics is playing a character named Jojo that was introduced in the second season that aired in September of 2021. The third season has not been officially announced but the fans are awaiting the new season which they hope will be aired soon.

Who is Tetona Jackson?

Tetona Jackson has also featured in a few movies and is considered a professional actress in the entertainment industry. She is also the daughter of the famous musician Fred Jackson because of which it was a little easier for her to get into the industry as well as gain important lessons on how to be successful in her field of profession.

She was born on 11th January 1993 and is 29 years of age as of now and is of American nationality, born and raised in the United States in her family’s care. She starred in the show called Boomerang which was an adaptation of a movie and her performance along with the co-stars’ performances was well-received by the audience. She has a string of movies as part of her portfolios such as All Night, Severed Road, and Maximum Ride in which her work was recognized and praised for being amongst her best works as an actress.

The popular television and movie actress did not start out as an actress as anyone would have normally expected. She initially started off as a figure skater and also toured with Disney. She is the daughter of jazz musician Fred Jackson Jr. She says she loved watching her dad and his band perform on stage which eventually got her hooked on getting into the entertainment industry.

According to the posts she shares on her Instagram page, she seems to love coffee and pizza. She is quite active on her social media accounts and keeps her fans updated on her life and the small and yet happy family unit she has with her husband.

Tetona Jackson’s Husband

Tetona Jackson is currently in a relationship with Tequan Richmond who was Jackson’s co-star in Boomerang. Richmond also starred in Everybody Hates Chris formerly. They both shared the news of the arrival of their newborn baby girl in March 2021 on social media who they named Harlie Giselle Richmond and she is their first child.

Tetona was overwhelmed with joy just as much as her boyfriend was and shared the happiness of parenthood with their fans. Prior to this news, Jackson had released a few maternity pictures on social media and kept the fans updated on the near-arrival of her first child with Richmond.

Tequan shared a heavily-pregnant picture of Tetona which was the first time they shared about Jackson’s pregnancy and expressed their joy at the fact that their family is going to expand with one more adorable member.

Richmond belongs from North Carolina and is an American rapper and actor whose best work known so far is in Everybody hates Chris where he played the role of Drew. Like his present girlfriend Tetona, Richmond was not planning to become an actor either, but destiny had its way eventually.

He was nominated for several awards mostly for Blue caprice and General Hospital. He portrayed the role of TJ Ashford on ABC’s soap opera General Hospital and his performance was critically acclaimed.

Initially, they wanted to keep the news of Jackson’s pregnancy a secret but as the time to welcome their first child was nearing, they could not wait to tell the world about their soon-to-be happy journey.

Both Jackson and Richmond have a good amount of fan following and the fans did not back out from wishing the couple lovely days ahead with their daughter.

Tetona Jackson’s Net Worth

Tetona Jackson had amassed a huge amount of wealth as she had starred in several movies including Maximum Ride, Save Me from Love, Dear Diary, etc., and the recent sitcom that aired on ABC called Home Economics. There is no accurate amount of her net worth available on the internet through any sources but it is estimated to be around 5 million US dollars taking into account all the movies and television she has starred in so far.