Celebrity feud is very common in Bollywood, we can see celebrities dissing one another, and apart from this there are also many Bollywood family feuds we have come across in the industry but right now one of the family feuds that has become a hot topic in the industry is that of Hero no. 1 superstar Govinda and his nephew comedian Krushna Abhishek.

The two have always been seen together in various shows giving off a vibe of a perfect uncle and nephew pair but their relationship has turned sour a few years back and they still seem to be on bad terms.

So what led Krushna Abhishek and Govinda’s relationship to crumble, let’s know the full details of their relationship.


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What Happened between Krushna and Govinda?

We have seen their relationship becoming sour somewhere since 2016, and since then they have done their best on avoiding and keeping their distance from one another, and it’s not just them, their wives also have been dissing one another in various interviews.

2016- Krushna and Govinda Matter

As we have mentioned the uncle and nephew relationship crumbled during 2016 on various matters, so what are the various matters giving rise to their present relationship.

The Remark from Krushna

In 2016 Krushna, in one of his shows made a remark “Maine Govinda ko Apna mama Rakha hai” ( I have kept Govinda as my uncle), and this remark wasn’t something to his uncle’s liking and he was upset over this particular comment from his nephew.

Govinda also slammed him in an interview that he is making money on television by badmouthing other people and that for him, it is really upsetting and annoying to hear a family member making such a remark.

Krushna responded and defended himself and said that his joke is not meant to mock him in any way and that he feels proud to address him, mama, whenever he can because it’s his second identity.

Govinda not on Krushna’s Show

Another thing that happened that year was when Govinda and his family appeared on The Kapil Sharma show but didn’t make an appearance on Krushna’s show Comedy Night Live, which was disappointing for him.

He said that he wanted Govinda to appear on his show but the timing was mismatched for both of them so he waited but it was a shock and a great disappointment for him when his uncle appeared on Kapil’s show but not on his show.

Krushna and Govinda’s Relation- Further Crack

This wasn’t the end to their fight, in 2019 when Govinda along with his wife Sunita Ahuja was on Kapil’s show, Sapna aka Krushna was nowhere to be seen at the show. As we know he is an important cast member of The Kapil Sharma Show and he has been there with every guest but on that day when Govinda and Sunita was the guest, he was requested not to attend the show as Sunita didn’t want to share the stage with him there on the show. This was very upsetting and sad for Krushna to know his aunt didn’t want to share the stage with him.

After this, the heated relationship continued, and again in 2020, this time it was Krushna who opted not to appear in the Kapil show with Govinda as the guest. Not just this, he has also further refused to be present in any of the shows with Govinda and his family as the guest and this led to further cracks in their relationship as they continued avoiding each other.

Sunita Ahuja and Kashmera Shah Fight

It was not just Krushna and Govinda’s fight anymore, the wives also took stands to defend their husbands and they kept dissing one another with critical remarks.

Sometime in 2021, Sunita in an interview said, “Whenever we appear on the show, he says something about us in the media just for publicity. It makes no sense to discuss a family matter in public.”

After Mrs.Ahuja’s comment, Kashmera Shah struck back and said, “Who is Sunita? I have made my own name. I am not known as someone’s wife.”

To this Mrs. Ahuja responded strongly again in an interview with TOI and said that who is Kashmera and who knows her? And that everyone knows, she has been Govinda’s wife for over 36 years and Krushna is like her son so, it’s between them she shouldn’t come between a mother and son and that they are a happy family with a happy life, and she is just too busy to look at such people.

This relationship continued but in between this Krushna kept apologizing to his uncle through various show appearances and wanted to reconcile to get back to their old beautiful relationship.

Govinda’s Reaction to Krushna’s Apology

In a recent podcast with Maniesh Paul, Govinda reacted to his nephews’ apology and said, “You are a good boy and Aarti (Govinda’s niece) is a very good girl…you both are forever forgiven.” He also added that they are actors and they know when it’s acting and that heroism is a wonderful gift, so Krushna should use it and work hard. He then concluded and said, “Please relax, there’s no problem with you.”